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True Dungeon is very happy to announce we are premiering a brand new in-person adventure at MomoCon (May 25-28th, 2023).  “Curse of Crimson Isle” is an exciting pirate-themed adventure which takes place after the events of “Ebony Bay.”  Tickets will be available starting at Noon Central at on Sunday, August 21, 2022.  We invite you to join us for this inaugural splash into the Southeast!

True Dungeon Information

Created in 2003, True Dungeon is a highly immersive escape room type game that allows players to experience a D&D-like adventure throughout a life-size, seven-room, walk-through environment. Not a true LARP, True Dungeon instead focuses on problem solving, teamwork and tactics while providing highly immersive sets and interactive props.  Players may find themselves creeping down a dark passageway and entering a long-forgotten crypt.  After dispatching a lurking guardian, players may have to solve a cryptic puzzle or find a secret door in order to find a wondrous treasure chest — a chest that may hold a shocking surprise if not opened with care.  It takes two hours to enjoy an adventure, and teams of ten players need only bring their imagination and quick wit.  No prior D&D or gaming experience is needed.  In fact, a party with an array of different experience levels usually does well.  This is a perfect vehicle to have some non-D&D gamers experience the fun and thrills of live-action dungeoneering!

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