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Not able to bring your full PC rig to MomoCon? No problem! MomoCon brings you the all new PC Free Play Area where 100 computers will be fully loaded with games to enjoy at your leisure. All you’ll need to do is check-in at the front desk and you’ll be assigned a computer to play on for a set amount of time (based on availability).

ToonFest: Play Toontown with Friends!

ToonFest, a celebration of all things Toontown hosted by Toontown Rewritten, will be on the Gaming Floor! At their booth, you’ll be able to play Toontown in-person for friends, all for absolutely free. Game station laptops will be provided by Toontown Rewritten within their booth for anyone to walk up and play.


Haven’t played Toontown yet? You can create your own Toon and join the battle to save Toontown, a cartoon world of fun and games, from the evil robot Cogs. These metal menaces will do anything to make a profit – but they can’t take a joke! Engage in wacky cartoon hijinks with other players online in Toontown’s teamwork oriented turn-based battle system. Complete ToonTasks to earn rewards, explore a colorful Tooniverse, and take back Toontown!

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