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Before continuing, please read this update as it may answer your question

Please read this update about MomoCon 2021 (updated 2/27/2021)

We are also happy to answer your questions and make sure you have a wonderful experience at MomoCon. You will be able to use the contact form below to send us your questions, but we would ask that you make sure your question isn’t first addressed by the FAQ.

Should you wish to request a refund for MomoCon 2021 purchased memberships, the refund window is open until April 1st, 2021, after which your membership(s) will be rolled over to the 2022 event. Once refund requests are submitted they may not be rescinded and you may be subject to higher membership costs at a future date. Refunds can only be issued to the purchaser and refunds can only be issued to the card used at purchase. Changed cards or have a new card since purchase? If you bank with the same bank or credit card company, it will still be refunded to your account.

If you bank with a different company/use a different credit card, tell us on your first communication. If we have submitted the refund, we cannot undo it, and you may not be able to access it if you do not tell us in advance of this issue.

Please give some thought to rolling over your membership, as it will be an invaluable help in making sure MomoCon continues to provide events to Atlanta for years to come. However if you must request a refund, include the name, email used to purchase, and number of memberships you wish to be refunded (some, all, etc.).  Refunds will be submitted ASAP but may take as much as 30 days to process.

  • Mailed option badges are not sent when purchased.  They will be mailed approximately May 2nd and should arrive to you by May 9th.  If you did not purchase specifically a “mailed option” membership, you will not receive a badge in a mail (you will pick up on site with photo ID and confirmation page). The badges are sent separately and sometimes unforeseen mailing delays mean that one arrives before the other(s). We ask that you please let us know if any of your order has not arrived by May 10th and we will be happy to help.
  • Pricing for single day memberships will be the same at the door as it is online.  4 day membership online go up in price at regular intervals until early May.
  • If you need your confirmation resent please contact Showclix directly.

Please read the update linked here as it may answer your question before you send the contact form

Rollovers for 2021 MomoCon memberships to 2022 are in process, you will use the same confirmation and QR code on site at the 2022 event at the registration windows (or your badge will be mailed to you if you chose the Mailed Option membership).  Those who purchased 2021 memberships that have rolled over to 2022 do not need to take any action at this time and will not receive a confirmation email about the change to 2022.  Feel free to contact us with further questions.

Winterfest by MomoCon is a separate event and will not affect any rollovers (all rollover memberships are good for MomoCon 2022).

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