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We are also happy to answer your questions and make sure you have a wonderful experience at MomoCon. You will be able to use the contact form below to send us your questions, but we would ask that you make sure your question isn’t first addressed by the FAQ.

  • Mailed option badges are not sent when purchased.  Badges for mailed option were sent the end of April. Please allow until May 8th for arrival (or May 10th/11th if you are on the west coast).  If you did not purchase specifically a “mailed option” membership, you will not receive a badge in a mail (you will pick up on site with photo ID and confirmation page). The badges are sent separately and sometimes unforeseen mailing delays mean that one arrives before the other(s). We ask that you please let us know if any of your order has not arrived by May 10th and we will be happy to help.
  • Pricing for single day memberships will be the same at the door as it is online.  4 day membership online go up in price at regular intervals until early May.


We are no longer accepting applications for guests, performers, DJs, or Artists.

Please check back in the late summer/fall for more information on these opportunities. As we are in our busy season, emails regarding those with a desire to be a guest, performer, DJ, artist, or vendor may not be responded to.

We do not control or have access to troubleshoot GWCC parking.

You’ll need to contact GWCC parking directly for any issues, or utilize alternative services like Parkmobile, Spot Hero, etc. for pre-purchased parking options in downtown.


You can access hours for sections of MomoCon and Registration here.

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