Autograph Policies 2025

Please limit personal items for free signings to two per person for any guest signing more than one autograph for free to keep the line moving and ensure that everyone has a chance to get an autograph.  Some of our guests are VERY popular and we don’t want anyone to miss out!  Can’t make an autograph session?  We try to schedule at least a few for most guests, but are sometimes at the limitation of our guest’s schedules.  Sometimes autograph sessions are cancelled, we don’t have any control over it.  Please be courteous to Autograph volunteer staff, they are doing their best to help you meet your favorite celebrity!

A Note About Autographs

While some of guests for MomoCon will be signing the first autograph for free, many do charge a fee.  This fee is set by the guest or the guest’s agent, and is not in any way set by or collected for MomoCon. Please be courteous and respectful to all guests.  Notations about guests with fees will be on signs in and around the autograph area. Guest pricing is subject to change but we will do our best to keep it updated as changes are made.

Book a Professional Photo with Epic Photos!

We are happy to partner with Epic Photos to offer professional photos with guests! Some guests may opt for a plexiglass barrier, determined on a guest-to-guest basis. Each guest has a different fee for autographs.

Professional Photo Ops by Epic Photos are will be posted closer to the event!

Walk of Fame

To give some more opportunity for our guests to interact with fans (and fans to get more autographs), a set of guests will be part of our new Walk of Fame!

Walk of Fame Guests:

  • Will have dedicated weekend-long tables, giving more opportunity beyond 1 autograph session per day for guests to sign!
  • Will have fees for autographs, currently listed per guest at
  • Will have extra sessions subject to the guests’ availability beyond the scheduled times
  • Will not have any ticketing, all of the autographs will have a line up.

Extra signing times will be listed at the guest’s area near the line up locations.

We hope this will help accommodate more attendees who wish to get autographs from our popular guests!

*Guests are only signing days they are in attendance for MomoCon. To see dates of attendance, refer to Guests not listed who are participating in signings will have scheduled times in the Autographs area, detailed above.


Most but not all guests in this area will provide the first autograph free of fan-provided items.  Pricing for other items, headshots, second autographs, selfies, and recordings vary, see the Guest Page for more pricing information.  All sessions are 1.5 hours unless otherwise noted.  All times and guests in sessions are subject to change and will be noted in the Autographs area and app if any changes occur.

AUTOS – Autographs in the Autographs area, generally first item free (some guests may not permit Funko Pop figures as their free item)

DR – Some guests in addition to autograph sessions have a separate Dealers Room table. These signings will have fees.

WoF – Autographs in the Walk of Fame area, will have fees.

In addition to the listed autograph times, many performers are also available after performances in addition to any listed autograph times for autographs and merch sales!

Walk of Fame Times

Guests in the Walk of Fame will have a fee for autographs, information on fees available on the Guests Page.  In addition to the times listed here and in the app, Walk of Fame guests will be hosting additional signing sessions at the Guest’s discretion throughout the weekend.  Please see the Walk of Fame area for additional session information.  All times and guests in sessions are subject to change and will be noted in the Walk of Fame area and app if any changes occur.

Below are the schedules for the Walk of Fame guests.

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