Parent’s Guide

Parents are encouraged to read the following information about MomoCon

MomoCon, the Japanese animation, gaming, comic, and costuming convention that this site is in reference to, is intended to be an all-ages event. MomoCon boasts numerous events and showings that people of all ages would enjoy, including a costume contest, showings of Japanese animation, speakers from various companies and fan groups, art contests, a room of vendors selling many different kinds of wares, professional martial arts demonstrations, and many other features.

Parents are encouraged to bring children, and not worry about excessively adult material. MomoCon takes many steps to ensure that the events at the convention are appropriate for most age groups, such as requiring that Dealers and Artists not sell adult material, and the complete absence of ANY kind of 18+ materials for sale on-site.  All panels with a language advisory are labeled in the program booklet and on-site.

MomoCon welcomed over 48,000 people in 2023, the median age being around 25.

While MomoCon attempts to provide a family-friendly environment, each parent has a different impression of “appropriate”, so we recommend you accompany any kids under 14 at the event.  Kids 9 and under are admitted free!

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