Guinness World Records Title Attempt – Most Spider-Man Cosplay


Step into the Spider-Verse at MomoCon 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia! Join us for our second official Guinness World Records title attempt for the most people dressed as Spider-Man characters on Saturday, May 25th, 2024. We need your heroism to achieve this incredible feat, so gear up in your best Spider-Man attire! Thanks to Angela Wilkerson for some inspiration for the event!

With great power comes great responsibility! To participate, here’s what you need to do:

  • Embody one of the various Spider-Man personas in a complete costume.
  • Your costume must have a matching top and bottom, and full facemasks are mandatory during the 5-minute record attempt.
  • Be ready to join us on Saturday, May 25th at 2 PM EST at the Georgia World Congress Center, outside the registration and entrance to Building B in International Plaza [Same location as in 2023].
  • Consent to being part of a group photo for the record attempt.

All participants who adhere to these guidelines will be counted in our attempt to surpass the world record of over 638 Spider-Man characters in one location!

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