Information/Signups for the 2025 event available in Jan 2025!

Have a local group looking for some fan exposure?  Come to MomoCon!  It’s a great way for fan groups, charity groups, and creators to reach a huge audience for immediate feedback and promotions!  We have a very limited amount of tables available free to local fan groups for promotional purposes on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note space is VERY limited, and we do have to give preference to conventions who have in the prior year participated in table trades with us, so availability will be tight.

Please note: Organization tables are limited to conventions, fan meetup groups, fan-run organizations, charity organizations (provided they are not selling non-branded materials), and all other types of organizations are reviewed on a case by case basis.  Conventions are given a slight preference for this section.

These tables are not intended for marketing purposes for general businesses, but for fan-run, community, and charity endeavors.  We have other options for general marketing at MomoCon, please contact us at for details.


  1. Membership – Organizational Tables do not include memberships to MomoCon.  Each person manning the organization table is required to have a membership and accompanying badge to MomoCon 2025.
  2. Table accoutrements– Each 6′ rectangular table will be provided with two chairs and will be skirted and covered.  MomoCon does not guarantee access to internet or power; if you require these, please contact us and we can arrange with the GWCC for them, but it may be a cost to you.  Free wifi is not available where the tables are located.  All tables will be located in the Exhibitor Area.  Any displays must be free-standing; nothing can be affixed to the walls at any time for any reason.  If you choose to pass out stickers, you will be responsible for any attendee abuse/clean up. Those wishing to purchase extra materials, electricity, or any other accoutrements will be provided an order form through our decorator. Please note this is a table, not a full booth, and will not have side low or back high curtains.
  3. Hours – Organizations are asked to man tables during Dealers Room hours (Thursday 2pm – 8pm, Friday 10am-7pm, Saturday 10am-7pm, Sunday 10am-5pm), Sunday afternoon being flexible.  If organization tables are left empty or with only promotional materials/unmanned for a large part of the weekend, the organization may be asked to leave or may not be welcome back to get a table at MomoCon in the future.  Tables will be secured overnight alongside the vendors, but all table materials are left at the group’s own risk.
  4. Politeness – Keep all music at a reasonable level and do not encroach upon your neighbors.  MomoCon reserves the right to remove organizations from their table at any time for any reason. Organization tables may not move locations without express written permission from MomoCon or in person confirmation on site with the consent of all parties moved.
  5. Sales – Conventions are permitted to sell any and all convention-branded merchandise (except anything 18+) or memberships/tickets to their respective events.  No group may sell any other type of merchandise unless cleared beforehand with MomoCon.  This includes conventions selling other non-branded merchandise.  No flyers or promotional materials handed out can be “adult” in tone or display.
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