2024 Convention Schedule

A schedule of programming events that will take place at MomoCon 2024 (including screening rooms, AMVs, panels, concerts, and events held in programming rooms) is available below (beginning in early April and continuing through early May).  Full descriptions and Autograph schedules are forthcoming with the MomoCon App, available now! Be sure to go to the app store for the update if yours doesn’t automatically update to the new year! All events and times are subject to change. Items marked with a starburst are interactive workshops.  Items marked with a diamond may have some adult content and language, so discretion is advised.  Items marked with a dollar sign have a small fee to cover cost of materials.


A reminder all events and times are subject to change! During con, the app will be the most up to date listing, followed by the live sheets listed below on this page. The printed program may have changes since printing.

MomoCon App

MomoCon app available soon on the Apple Store and Google Play! Please note it is still being updated and may not be up to date will all panels and events until closer to con.

Show Hours

Registration Hours

Thurs 5p-9p
Fri 9a-8p
Sat 9a-8p
Sun 9a-8p
Mon 9a-3p

Programming/Panel Hours

Fri – 2p-1a
Sat – 10a-2a
Sun – 10a-4a
Mon – 10a-5p

Exhibit Hall Hours

Fri – 2p-8p
Sat – 10a-7p
Sun – 10a-7p
Mon – 10a-5p

24 Hour Access

Gaming Hall
Pop-Up Lockers

VR Zone Hours

Fri – 2p-12a
Sat –  11a-12a
Sun – 11a-12a
Mon –  11a-5p

AFK Room Hours

Fri – 1p – 7p
Sat – 11a-7p
Sun – 11a-7p
Mon – 11a-5p

Manga Library Hours

Fri – 2p-10p
Sat – 10a-10p
Sun – 10a-10p
Mon – 10a-3p

Convention Foam Fighting

Fri – 2p – 10p
Sat – 11am – 2pm
5pm – 8pm  1v1 Tournament
Sun – 11am – 2pm
7pm – 11pm
Mon – 11am – 5pm



Click the links in the text to pop out the map into a new window to view the full image.

The entrance to the main building will lead you to registration. One side is the way to Sidney Marcus Auditorium (on the A building side) and the Omni Atlanta. The other side leads to the rest of MomoCon events! The Thomas Murphy Ballroom is one floor up from main Registration.

The main panel levels feature numerous events! Head toward B4/B5 on Level 2 to access the Gaming and Exhibits areas.

B4/B5 Halls feature all sorts of gaming, free play, tournaments and stages, tabletop, and so much more!

Proceed past B4/B5 into the Exhibit Hall, featuring dealers, artists, organizations, charity groups, indie games, Walk of Fame and Autographs! Note the size of MomoCon is VERY large this year, so we’ve added numerous seating opportunities to rest your feet, including the labeled Rest Stops in the Exhibit Hall!

Omni Atlanta

The Omni Atlanta features the Main Events performances room (M2, the same level as the walkway to the GWCC), Social Deduction gaming on level M3 (one floor up from the walkway), and LARP and RPGs on M4 (2 levels up, same level as the lobby for the Omni).

Autograph Schedule

Available now!

Please note all times are subject to change.

Epic Photo Ops

Wrestling Stage

Guest Panels/Main Events

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Please do not request to share the file with your account on google docs, it will not be shared.

Fan Panels, Karaoke, Costume Panels, Physical Arts, Workshops

Direct Links (if the embed isn’t visible below) to Panels and Phys Arts/Workshops

AMV Events



2:30p – Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
4:00p – Sailor Moon
5:30p – Black Butler
7:00p – Metallic Rouge
8:30p – Rurouni Kenshin
10:00p – Brave Bang Bravern!


10:00a – Grandpa and Grandma Turn Young Again
11:30a – Spy x Family
1:00p – Zom 100 Bucket list of the dead
2:30p – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
4:00p – Mashle: Muscle and Magic
5:30p – The Eminence in Shadow
7:00p – Jujutsu Kaisen
8:30p – Solo Leveling
10:00p – Trigun Stampede


10:00a – That time I was Reincarnated as a Slime
11:30a – The Great Cleric
1:00p – Apothecary Diaries
2:30p – Ascendance of a Bookworm
4:00p – Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy
5:30p – Frieren Beyond Journey’s End
7:00p – The Faraway Paladin
8:30p – The Wrong Way to Use Healing Magic
10:00p – Reincarnated as a Sword


10:00a – Do It Yourself!
11:30a – Bocchi the Rock
1:00p – SHY
2:30p – Villainess Level 99: I May Be the Hidden Boss But I’m Not The Demon Lord
4:00p – 7th Time Loop: The Villainess Enjoys a Carefree Life Married to Her Worst Enemy!

Gaming Events

Sign Ups for LAN event spots

Late Night Gaming

Five Nights At Freddy’s Pajama Jam
Saturday: 12am-8am

Bring your Freddy Faz-best to help us beat all main franchise Five Nights At Freddy’s games in one fun-filled night! FNAF cosplays and/or pajamas are highly encouraged!

Fortnite Party at the End of the World
Sunday: 12am-8am

The universe is collapsing in on itself, so grab a chug splash and let’s party like there is no tomorrow. How many victory royales can we get before time runs out? (Free play Fortnite with a twist)

VR Cookout: Real Food Not Included
Monday: 12am-8am

Bust out the socks and sandals. Polish up your best dad joke because we’re have our first (and probably last) annual VR cookout. Join us for a night of fun co-op VR games such as The Diner Duo and Keep Talking and Nobody explodes. Don’t have a partner? That’s fine. We will find one for you

Social Deduction Gaming

Card Games

Star Wars Unlimited 1K – May 24th 2pm
Pokémon Case Tournament – May 25th 12pm
Digimon Case Tournament – May 26th 12pm
Yu-Gi-Oh Case Tournament – May 27th 11am
One Piece Case Tournament – May 27th 11:30am
MTG On Demands – All Weekend!


RPGs at MomoCon will feature numerous games and systems available to play!

We will be running Learn to Play sessions for a variety of game systems throughout the weekend. We also have sessions for veteran players as well, with a variety of level options and systems to choose from. Check out the schedule below for more details.

Signups May 5-18th at Warhorn!

Fan-Organized Photoshoots

Stay in the Loop!

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