2023 Convention Schedule

A schedule of programming events that will take place at MomoCon 2023 (including screening rooms, AMVs, panels, concerts, and events held in programming rooms) will be available here as the information is released.  Full descriptions and Autograph schedules are forthcoming with the new MomoCon App, available now! All events and times are subject to change. Items marked with a starburst are interactive workshops.  Items marked with a diamond may have some adult content and language, so discretion is advised.  Items marked with a dollar sign have a small fee to cover cost of materials.

MomoCon App

MomoCon app available now on the Apple Store and Google Play! Please note it is still being updated and may not be up to date will all panels and events until closer to con.

Show Hours

Registration Hours

Wed 5p-9p
Thurs 9a-8p
Fri 9a-8p
Sat 9a-8p
Sun 9a-3p

Programming/Panel Hours

Thurs – 2p-1a
Fri – 830a-2a
Sat – 830a-2a
Sun – 830a-5p

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thurs – 2p-8p
Fri – 10a-7p
Sat – 10a-7p
Sun – 10a-5p

24 Hour Access

Gaming Hall
Pop-Up Lockers

VR Zone Hours

Thurs 2p-10p
Fri 12p-12a
Sat 12p-12a
Sun 12p – 5p

AFK Room Hours

Thurs – 1p-7p
Fri – 10a-7p
Sat – 10a-7p
Sun – 10a-4p

Manga Library Hours

Thurs – 2p-10p
Fri – 10a-10p
Sat – 10a-10p
Sun – 10a-3p

Convention Foam Fighting

Thurs – 2p-10p
Fri – 12p-4p, 6p-10p
Sat – 12p-4p, 6p-10p
1v1 starting at 6, Team Fights after


Autograph Schedule

Epic Photo Ops

Wrestling Stage



Stunt Marshall vs Dale Springs
Trevor Aeon vs Dillon McQueen
Exotic Youth vs Darian Bengston & Lord Crewe
Brook Havok vs Dani Jordyn

4 PM

Kelsey Raegan vs Brook Havok
Dale Springs vs Trevor Aeon
Lord Crewe vs Dillon McQueen
Exotic Youth vs Darian Bengston & Trip Jordy


Ben Bishop vs Sal Rinauro
Kelsey Raegan vs Dani Jordyn
Dillon McQueen vs Dale Springs
Lord Crewe vs Funnybone


Ben Bishop vs Diamond Sheik
Saraya Saber vs Kelsey Raegan
Sal Rinauro vs Stunt Marshall
Funnybone vs Dillon McQueen


Darian Bengston vs Stunt Marshall
Trevor Aeon vs Diamond Sheik
Hyena Hera vs Saraya Saber vs Dani Jordyn
Funnybone  vs Jaiden Newman

4 PM

Parker Lee vs Stunt Marshall
Sal Rinauro vs Diamond Sheik
Dani Jordyn vs Hyena Hera
Funnybone vs Darian Bengston

Convention Foam Fighting

Convention Foam Fighting (CFF) is a free-to-participate physical combat event. Using foam “boffer” weapons, participants take part in a variety of games, from team battles to tournament-style competitions. Participants of all ages and experience levels are welcome to play (participants under the age of 18 will require consent from a legal guardian). CFF supplies all necessary equipment to the participants, and welcomes all experienced fighters to bring their own equipment to be reviewed and approved by their staff for safety. CFF will be located just outside of Hall B-2, near the arcades.

Guest Panels/Main Events

Fan Panels, Karaoke, Costume Panels, Physical Arts, Workshops

AMV Events


2:30 PM – Naruto
4:00 PM – Inuyasha
5:30 PM – Bleach
7:00 PM – Mobile Suit Gundam Wing
8:30 PM – Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
10:00 PM – Saint Tail

10:00 AM – Somali and the Forest Spirit
11:30 AM – Restaurant into Another World
1:00 PM – In The Land of Leadale
2:30 PM – Tower of God
4:00 PM – So I’m A Spider, So What?
5:30 PM – Skeleton Knight in Another World
7:00 PM – Fresh From The Presses: Discotek
8:30 PM – The Rising of the Shield Hero
10:00 PM – The World’s Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

10:00 AM – Our Favorite OPs
11:30 AM – Konosuba: God’s Blessing on This Wonderful World!
1:00 PM – Fire Force
2:30 PM – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
4:00 PM – One Punch Man
5:30 PM – Demon Slayer
7:00 PM – Bleach: Thousand-Year Blood War
8:30 PM – Sorcerer Hunters
10:00 PM – Junji Ito Collection

10:00 AM – Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie
11:30 AM – Revolutionary Girl Utena
1:00 PM – Magic Knight Rayearth
2:30 PM – Sailor Moon
4:00 PM – Fruits Basket

Gaming Events

Card Games

Tournaments that require a MomoCon badge to participate:

Pokémon Case Tournament – May 26th

One Piece Case Tournament – May 27th

Yugioh 10k – May 27th

MTG on Demand Draft and Commander Pods – May 26-28th

Tournaments that do not require a MomoCon badge to participate, located at the Omni Atlanta:

DBSCG May Regionals – May 27th & May 28th

Digimon May Regionals – May 27th & May 28th


The RPG sessions will be in a large space in 2023 for a wealth of more space to accommodate the huge number of players who want to participate! We will be running starter and demo sessions throughout the weekend and through the late nights, and more developed sessions for seasoned players as well.

Sign up on Warhorn for spots in games!

See the full RPGs scheduled play schedule!

Fan-Organized Photoshoots

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