2022 Convention Schedule

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A schedule of programming events that will take place at MomoCon 2022 (including screening rooms, AMVs, panels, concerts, and events held in programming rooms) will be available here as the information is released.  Full descriptions and Autograph schedules are forthcoming with the new MomoCon App, available very soon! All events and times are subject to change. Items marked with a starburst are interactive workshops.  Items marked with a diamond may have some adult content and language, so discretion is advised.  Items marked with a dollar sign have a small fee to cover cost of materials.

MomoCon App

The MomoCon App is now available! On Google Play Store and Apple App Store!

Show Hours

Registration Hours

Wed 5p-9p
Thurs 9a-8p
Fri 9a-8p
Sat 9a-8p
Sun 9a-3p

Programming/Panel Hours

Thurs – 2p-2a
Fri – 830a-2a
Sat – 830a-2a
Sun – 830a-5p

Exhibit Hall Hours

Thurs – 2p-8p
Fri – 10a-7p
Sat – 10a-7p
Sun – 10a-5p

24 Hour Access

Gaming Hall
Pop-Up Lockers

Manga Library

Thurs 12p-10p
Fri 10a-10p
Sat 10a-10p
Sun 10a-3p

Convention Foam Fighting
(Game Hall B2)

Thurs – 2:30p-12a
Fri – 10a-12a
Sat – 10a-6a
Sat 6pm – 1v1 Tournament

AFK Room

TBA, every day


Autograph Schedule

We are happy to partner with Epic Photos in 2022 to offer professional photos with guests! Some guests may opt for a plexiglass barrier, determined on a guest-to-guest basis. Each guest has a different fee for autographs, please see the Photo Ops listing for more information.

Full Autographs and Walk of Fame schedules available now!

Wrestling Stage

Show Times

Thursday 3p to 5p
Friday 11a to 1p and 3p to 5p
Saturday 11a to 1p and 3p to 5p
Sunday 11a to 1p
Hall of Fame – Sunday 2p to 3p

Autographs for Kane and Sgt. Slaughter available for pre-purchase until May 21st.

Kane – Sponsored by Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and New Horizon Entertainment. Kane will be appearing Saturday of MomoCon from 12p to 3p

Sgt. Slaughter – Appearing May 27th only, sponsored by Stranglehold Championship Wrestling and Kaotik Cow.

Wrestling information

Convention Foam Fighting

Convention Foam Fighting (CFF) is a free-to-participate physical combat event. Using foam “boffer” weapons, participants take part in a variety of games, from team battles to tournament-style competitions. Participants of all ages and experience levels are welcome to play (participants under the age of 18 will require consent from a legal guardian). CFF supplies all necessary equipment to the participants, and welcomes all experienced fighters to bring their own equipment to be reviewed and approved by their staff for safety. CFF will be located just outside of Hall B-2, near the arcades.

Thursday– 2:30p – 12a
Friday– 10a – 12a
Saturday – 10a – 12a
Sat. 6 pm – 1v1 tournament

Guest Panels

Fan Panels, Karaoke, Costume Panels, Physical Arts, Workshops

AMV Events


Madness Screenings

Gaming Events

For smaller screens including mobile, use the following link.

Zeldathon At MomoCon

3:00 PM Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity
5:00 PM Phantom Hourglass Battle Mode
7:00 PM Mario Warpless Trilogy Speedrun
9:00 PM Link’s Awakening Rapids Ride
11:00 PM Zelda Cooking
12:00 PM Randomizer Challenge
2:00 PM Chamber Dungeon Challenge
4:00 PM A Link to the Past
6:00 PM Hyrule Warriors
8:00 PM The Legend of Zelda Speedrun
9:00 PM ToxicxEternity Concert
10:00 PM Breath of the Wild Distraction%

12:00 PM Ocarina of Time
2:00 PM Tingle’s Balloon Fight
3:00 PM Triforce Quartet
4:00 PM Zelda Cosplay Show
5:00 PM Breath of the Wild with Ring Fit
7:00 PM Zelda CD-i
9:00 PM The $1000 Triforce Game Show
10:00 PM N64 Zelda Showcase
12:00 PM Randomizer Randomizer

Card Games

YuGiOh Case Tournament – 128 player cap – May 28th – 2pm
Digimon Case Tournament – 128 player cap – May 28th – 2pm
Dragon Ball Case Tournament – 64 player cap – May 28th – 2pm
Pokemon Case Tournament – 64 player cap – May 29th – 2pm
MTG Commander Pods – 64 player cap
MTG Drafts On Demand – 8 players per pod


The RPG sessions will be in a new larger space in 2022 for a wealth of more space to accommodate the huge number of players who want to participate! We will be running starter and demo sessions throughout the weekend and through the late nights, and more developed sessions for seasoned players as well.

Sign up on Warhorn for spots in games!

See the full RPGs scheduled play schedule!

Fan-Organized Photoshoots

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