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Panel submissions are taken from Sept. 1, 2019 to Feb 15th, 2020.  Those applying for workshops or specialty events should submit before Dec 31, 2019.

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Why should I host a panel or event?

We all enjoy a great convention experience, the great costumes, special guests, and excellent events that bring us all together for the joy of celebrating the fandoms that make us happy! Conventions would be nothing without the fantastic efforts of fans and professionals just like you, and we are always incredibly grateful to those who contribute their time and efforts to hosting really great events each year.Presenting in front of a group can do more than just share your passion with other fans, however.  Public-speaking is difficult for many people and can improve with practice, and it can really aid you in your work or home life! In addition, content providers for MomoCon (panelists, bands, performers, etc.) are given a limited number of memberships to the event.

What do I need to have ready before I submit a panel or event? What do I need to provide to have the best chance of being accepted as a panelist?

Make sure your event fits in with one of the aspects of MomoCon: Anime/Animation, Gaming (all kinds), Costuming, Physical Arts (including martial arts and flow), Workshops, and Comics. Make sure you do ample research, be prepared on your topic, and have all of your participants ready. Don’t pick a topic/show/workshop you know “a little” about and wing it! Supporting documentation, references from other conventions at which you hosted the panel, and very detailed descriptions are the most helpful for us when we are choosing which panels/events are accepting into MomoCon’s 2019 offerings! Having flexibility in hours also helps us in placement; are you ok running your panel after 11pm or on Thursday afternoon or evening?  Let us know!

Are you a musical performance or improv/in-character performance group/event? You will be asked to provide references of past events, performances, or experience upon receipt of your signup form. Good things to have for this are videos of performances, references from other events, improv experience with performing troupes, and details details details!

Just to be clear, MomoCon welcomes all panels within the given categories, including Ask A Character/In-Character panels.  We host more In-Character panels than just about any event in our entire region. At no point were these types of panels ‘banned’ from being submitted, but we do get a large influx of this type and cannot accept them all, so many have to be turned down each year due to sheer volume of applicants.

MomoCon is an all ages convention, and therefore we DO NOT permit content that is 18+ (although panels with strong language are a-ok!  We just need to put up a content warning on any of those), or anything that may violate our agreements with the venue(s) (such as some food-based events) or compromise us legally. We ask that the primary host of each panel or event be at least 16 years old. If you intend to have some “blue” or adult language in your presentation, please let us know so it can be marked with a warning.  Accepted primary panelists will be provided one membership per accepted panel.

What do the programming categories mean? Which category does my event fit into?

PANEL – These are fan discussions, local professional presentations, game shows, improv or in-character performances and other types of sessions typically involving audience interaction (from Q&A to active participation). These sessions are presented in a well-lit room. Some events refer to this type of programming as “live programming”.

VIDEO – Presentations with more than 70% video, including those with commentary, would fall into our Exhibitions Department. These sessions are typically presented in a dimly-lit or dark room. This includes MST3K/Riff-style funny presentations over video, AMV or Machinima events featuring mostly video, specialty hosted video programming blocks, or any event that hosts almost entirely video.

PERFORMANCES – Live performances with minimal to no audience participation. This includes concerts and other live shows. Applicants to this category would primarily be bands, chiptunes artists, DJs, rappers, etc.

STRONG LANGUAGE – While we do not permit any panels pornographic in nature or 18+, if your panel has strong language, it can still be submitted (with a content warning notification).

Have any questions about your submission?
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