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2023 AMV and V-Mix Competitions

Entries for the 2023 AMV & V-MIX Competition are coming soon!

Each AMV Contest finalist will receive a free 4-day membership to MomoCon 2023, and the winner of each category will receive a trophy and a $75 Cash Prize. We’re also giving $100 to the Coordinator’s Choice Award winner, and $500 to the Director’s Choice Award winner.

MomoCon’s AMV Contest welcomes submissions from all forms of animation. We also have a separate V-MIX (Video Remix) Competition for Cosplay Music Videos and Live Action submissions. V-MIX Competition winners will receive an award and a free membership to next year’s convention (MomoCon 2024).

AMV and V-Mix Winners – 2022

AMV Contest
1st Place Trailer: “Sukuna” by BecauseImBored1
1st Place Drama / Serious: “Désirs Fatals” by SasukeChanx
1st Place Action: “I Love Me” by Ileia
1st Place Romance / Sentimental: “Turning Out Red” by Rider4Z
1st Place Fun / Upbeat: “Truly, Truly, Truly, Cretaceous” by DrDinosaur
1st Place Comedy / Parody: “Contemporary Dog” by HikikomoriJudges & Editors’ Choice: “Contemporary Dog” by Hikikomori
Coordinator’s Choice #1: “Turning Out Red” by Rider4Z
Coordinator’s Choice #2: “Self-Portrait” by Mycathatesyou
Director’s Choice: “I Love Me” by Ileia

V-MIX Competition
Best Rookie: “Playing House” by Seasaltmemories
Best Novice: “Hohenheim is a Rät” by sasaina-san
Most Pleasantly Surprising: “Gamba giGACHAd” by PantsAMV
Most Unpleasantly Surprising: “Wash the Dog” by Mycathatesyou
Best Aesthetic: “BASSLINE” by Arcothy B3stEck
Best Character Profile: “Murder, Arson and Yelling” by HagarenViper
Best Concept: “#DieTonightLiveForever” by MadMegatax
Best Draction: “Abyssal Grail” by Sean.PNG
Best Dynamic Duo: “Ignorance to Bliss” by StarTrinity009
Best GMV: “Hero-owos” by a seal
Best Mood: “Never Awake” by Tasha Livingstone
Best Nostalgia: “The Pure Imagination of Hayao Miyazaki” by FanEditz
Best Parody: “When Life Gives You Kaworu” by hamstar138
Best Production: “Friends Like Us” by Rider4Z
Best Retro: “Bun Head” by TheLazyDaze
Best Social Commentary: “Call It What You Want” by MinetChan
Best Source Pairing: “Tomoko’s True Colors” by James Blond
Best Storytelling: “House of Shadows” by Lelani
Best Thriller: “Cutthroat” by MinetChan
Best Vibe: “My Everyday Vibes” by Synaesthesia Productions
Most Bittersweet: “For the Honor of Gayskull” by Obsidian Zero
Most Emotional: “Tears Stream” by thefanvideoer2
Most Heartfelt: “This Promise on Ice!!!” by FanEditz
Most Marvelous: “Great Responsibility” by BleachShippu5678
Most Professional: “Impulse” by D0SKA
Most Whimsical: “Oh Heck” by a seal

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