Music Video Contest

2024 AMV and V-Mix Competitions

Entries for the 2024 AMV & V-MIX Competition are coming soon!

A list of past MomoCon AMV Contest winners can be found here

AMV Contest

1st Place Trailer: “Cyberpunk Resurrections” by Rider4Z

1st Place Drama / Serious: “Love is not a Victory March” by DopplerDo

1st Place Action: “Action Surge” by Xophilarus

1st Place Romance / Sentimental: “Seemingly Simple” by hamstar138

1st Place Fun / Upbeat: “Still Got It” by E_01

1st Place Comedy / Parody: “AMV Theatres” by Ileia


Judges’ Choice: “The Neckst Episode” by Sayoria

Editors’ Choice: “Food Porn” by Speedy180

Coordinator’s Choice: “Waving Through” by Opner

Phade’s Phav – Guest Award: “AMV Theatres” by Ileia

Director’s Choice: “Encumbrance” by Troubleclef


V-MIX Competition

MomoCon Theme Award: “The Unfathomable City” by Pwcagal

Best Novice: “Stay Paranoid!” by Violet Skies

Best Rookie: “Control” by Pyrothemusical

Most Pleasantly Surprising: “Skaian Splendor” by MadMegatax

Most Unpleasantly Surprising: “T.A.P.P.” by SilkAMV

Big Same Award: “Big Mood” by Moonpie

Best Aesthetic: “Somedays” by Pablo Shoe

Best Character Profile: “W.I.T.C.H.” by Cthuko

Best Dance: “Dance Intermission 4” by MoonieAMV

Best Editing: “EVOLUTIONS” by Elixir

Best Technical: “Killing Kind” Nekokitkat

Most Bittersweet: “Autumn” PiercedSky

Most Nostalgic: “Voyage Homeward” thefanvideoer2

Most ⅁NIꞱℲI⅂dn: “UnstoppabEL” Rider4Z

Most Whimsical: “We Rule The World” by Nashironeko

Most Educational: “Reading Reincarnation” by CamiChan19

Most Inspirational: “We Are HERE” PantsAMV

Best Mood: “Purrgatory” by Violet Skies

Best GMV: “Voyage of Youth” by MinetChan

Best Retro: “Daring Hearts” by MinetChan

Best Dynamic Duo: “B.F.F.F.” by Pwcagal

Best Crossover Concept: “Family Tree” by PerkyPastry

Best Vibe: “Wunseirmein” by UnluckyArtist

Most Endearing: “Mafia Male Wife” by Ileia

Best Source Pairing: “Break A Leg” by PantsAMV

Most Heartfelt: “Heartwarming” by Mycathatesyou


Playlist of AMV & V-MIX Competition

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