MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA


MomoCon 2019 Guest List


The majority of guests for MomoCon will be signing autographs for free, while some do charge a fee. + LEARN ABOUT AUTOGRAPHS.
Highlighted :


  • A New World: Intimate Music from Final Fantasy

    The producers of the live orchestra performance phenomenon Distant Worlds: music from FINAL FANTASY are proud to present another breathtaking FINAL FANTASY music experience. A New World: intimate music from FINAL FANTASY presents music selected from the entire FINAL FANTASY catalogue, in fresh arrangements for small ensembles, giving the audience a surprisingly personal encounter with the beloved themes, characters, and settings. With input from Arnie Roth, Nobuo Uematsu, and other performers and composers associated with the games, A New World joins Distant Worlds as the only FINAL FANTASY concert tours officially licensed by renowned developer SQUARE ENIX.  Featuring a new repertoire!

  • A7L Props

    Wayne Neumaier is honored once again to be attending Momocon to share his experience with cosplay, robots, and rocket science! By day Wayne is a rocket propulsion and test engineer working on the next generation of space launch vehicles, but evenings and weekends he applies his skills in math, science, and engineering to push the limits on cosplay and robotics. Some of his well know creations include Mark Watney from The Martian, Subject Delta from Bioshock, and his three robots; Dalek Braun, R2-D2 Goddard, and BB-8 Weir. Wayne’s hope is that others learn from his work and are inspired to create their own projects and gain interest in not only, cosplay, but engineering and other S.T.E.A.M fields. Facebook and Instagram: @A7LProps

  • Adam Bryce Thomas

    Adam Bryce Thomas is a comic artist currently working on IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog. Previously pencilling for Archie Comics' Sonic Universe, he most recently collaborated with Sega on promotional material for the upcoming video game Team Sonic Racing. In addition to drawing comics, Adam spends his free time expressing himself with watercolors and illustration.

  • Adrisaurus

    Adriana Figueroa (adrisaurus) is a vocalist best known for her popular covers of gaming and animation-related songs on YouTube, where her videos have amassed upwards of 100 million views. In addition to her work online, she has provided vocals professionally for video games such as SMITE and various indie favourites, working with composers and collaborators internationally on a regular basis. When she isn’t singing her heart out in the studio, she enjoys petting dogs, eating macaroni and cheese, and crying over fictional characters for enjoyment.

  • AmaLee

    AmaLee is a voice actress and vocalist, also known as LeeandLie on YouTube where she has gained 1.3 million subscribers and nearly half a billion views for her English covers of popular anime and video-game songs. Under the name Amanda Lee, she has voiced in English dubbed anime series such as Cardcaptor Sakura: Clear Card (as Akiho), Overlord II (as Crusch Lulu), Certain Magical Index (as Itsuwa), Zombieland Saga (as Junko), Magical Girl Raising Project (as Nemurin), Grimoire of Zero (as Zero), HINAMATSURI (as Anzu), and most recently in Endro (as Yusha). She has also provided vocals for official anime soundtracks, such as in Tokyo Ghoul:Re for “Parabellum” and “Glassy Sky:Re” and Umineko When They Cry: Gold Edition for their opening theme , and recently did a commercial song with League of Legends for their 2019 season titled “A New Journey”. Website: https://leeandlieofficial.com YouTube: https://youtube.com/leeandlie Twitter: https://twitter.com/amaamaleelee Facebook: https://facebook.com/leeandlie Twitch: https://twitch.com/leeandlie Photo by Jacob Shepard

  • Amy Chu

    Amy Chu is a popular comics writer and graphic novelist. She has worked for Marvel and DC writing well-known characters such as Deadpool, Ant-Man, Wonder Woman, and Poison Ivy. Her runs on the classic titles Green Hornet, Red Sonja, and Dejah Thoris: Princess of Mars were critically acclaimed and well received by fans. For rock and rap icons KISS and DMC, she created new universes and storylines inspired by their music. She has also written two children's graphic novels: Ana & the Cosmic Race, a space adventure published by Papercutz, and Sea Sirens, a mermaid tale from Viking Press available June, 2019. Amy was born in Boston and has lived in New York, California, Iowa and Hong Kong. She holds degrees from Wellesley College, MIT and Harvard University, and is a fan of coffee, whiskey, Lego, and women in STEM.

  • April Borchelt

    April received her BFA from the School of Art and Design at Kennesaw State University in 2014 and is currently a full time 2D illustrator living in Atlanta, Georgia working on Paladins at Hi-Rez Studios. Her past clients include Nickelodeon doing background paintings for Spongebob SquarePants and being the lead artist for Puzzles by Joe on Clutter VI. In her free time, she does pet portraits, Magic Card alters, and commissions of many kinds! Her work has been exhibited in multiple galleries around Atlanta as well as published in Game Informer Magazine and featured in multiple children's books. On her off days she love to ride horses and watch movie masterpieces.

  • aracknoid3 Cosplay

    Ronald B. Seaman Jr. (aracknoid3 Cosplay) Served 25 years in the U.S. Army. He was medically retired after 3 years in and out of various hospitals around the country. He began building costumes as a form of physical therapy, at the urging of his son. He quickly realized he had a knack for it. His niece (Sellexie Cosplay) learn of this and urged him to go to his 1st convention. He has never looked back. Was invited to be a guest by his 3rd convention. Fully embracing the world of Cosplay he's has attended various conventions, competed and has been awarded, and built for others. He was featured “Behind the make-up. A film by J25 productions that debuted at the 2017 MCM Comicon in London. He truly believes Cosplay is for everyone and all should experience it at least once in their lifetime. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/aracknoid3/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/aracknoid3/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/aracknoid3 DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/aracknoid3

  • Asheru

    Asheru, born Gabriel Benn, is an American hip hop artist, educator, and youth activist. He is widely known for performing the opening and closing themes for the popular TV series, The Boondocks, as well as his pioneering and innovative efforts to forward the Hip Hop Education movement.    Asheru collaborated with Aaron McGruder to write and perform several songs for the hit TV series,The Boondocks, including the show's theme song. Asheru's contribution to the controversial "Return of the King" episode of the Boondocks series helped him to earn the prestigious Peabody Award for Journalism in 2006, making him the first rapper (emcee) to win such an award.  In 2005, Asheru co-founded Educational Lyrics, LLC, an independent publishing company that creates culturally relevant cross-curricular teaching materials, the first of which being [H.E.L.P., or the Hip-Hop Educational Literacy Program'.] In an effort to bridge the gap between Asheru's two passions—music and education, H.E.L.P. is a series of supplemental reading workbooks designed to HELP students of all reading levels through the innovative usage of Hip Hop lyrics for critical analysis, multicultural relevance, and effective literacy instruction.

  • BeeNerdish

    BeeNerdish, who is continually inspired by Pokémon, Sailor Moon, and all things magical, has been deeply immersed in sewing and nerd-craftsmanship since 2011. Born and raised in Georgia, she has always had a deep appreciation for costumes and the techniques behind their creation. This artist focuses on creating pieces to emphasize the passion and creativity of the cosplay community. Her small business celebrates imagination and personality, focusing on empowering cosplayers in any stage of their journey. Her plushies have sold internationally and have gained a wide following on many social-media platforms, garnering an awareness for the community she wholeheartedly supports. When she is not sewing, she is chomping down on pizza and dreaming of owls with cute glasses. Instagram: @beenerdish Twitter: @beenerdish Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/beenerdish & https://www.facebook.com/BNerdy

  • BrainScratchComms

    BrainScratchComms is a group of guys who play videogames online for fun, nerd rage, and the occasional random thought. They'll play just about anything, from the ridiculously awesome to the hilariously bad. If you want to relive the days where you would play games with your siblings, hang out with these four.

  • Brendan LaSalle

    Brendan J. LaSalle is a writer, game designer, and author of many FRPG adventures and supplements for Goodman Games, Fat Dragon, Savage Mojo, Hand Made Games, Pandahead Publishing, Troll Lords Games, Dark Tower Games, and others. He is best known as the creator of Xcrawl, the dungeon-adventure-cum-alternative-modern-death-sport he has published since 2002. He lives in Salem MA with his wife, Dr. Lori King.

  • Brenden Fletcher

    Brenden Fletcher is a comic book writer whose current projects include MOTOR CRUSH and ISOLA for Image Comics and GHOST IN THE SHELL: GLOBAL NEURAL NETWORK for Kodansha. Previous work includes the New York Times best-selling BATGIRL OF BURNSIDE, the YA mystery/adventure series GOTHAM ACADEMY and Entertainment Weekly's "Best New Series" of 2015, BLACK CANARY, all for DC Comics. He contributed the acclaimed FLASH story to the Eisner and Harvey Award winning WEDNESDAY COMICS , co-created the POWER RANGERS: PINK mini-series for BOOM Studios and contributed to the ATTACK ON TITAN ANTHOLOGY for Kodansha. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his wife and two cats. www.brendenfletcher.com

  • Caleb Hyles

    Caleb Hyles is a dynamic entertainer and YouTube cover artist, singing a bit of everything; from top 40 and hard rock to Broadway and anime. You can find all sorts of covers on his YouTube channel, which is going 850,000+ subscribers strong! He created his cover channel back in 2009 to share his goofy personality on Rockband with friends and family, but he never expected that working on his YouTube channel would turn into his career. Since his viral cover of "Let It Go" in 2014, Caleb has been recognized by the likes of Ryan Seacrest, Tyler Oakley, and DeeDee Magno Hall, along with many others in the entertainment industry. Since 2017, he has started a Twitch channel, "Peace Love and Gaming", sharing his passion for video-games, that he has also fostered from a young age. Be sure to check out his work on his website, YouTube, or Facebook!

  • Carolina Ravassa

    Born in Cali, Colombia, Carolina Ravassa has appeared on The Affair opposite Dominic West, Mr. Robot with Bobby Cannavale & Rami Malek, and has done a few shorts with Reggie Watts. She produced, directed, and starred in the webseries Hispanglosaxon, which won an Imagen Award for Best Webseries. She is known for her voice work in the video games Overwatch (Sombra), Grand Theft Auto V (Taliana Martinez), Max Payne III, Red Dead Redemption II, Just Cause 4 and upcoming voices on Disney, Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. She will appear in the television series Dopamine and the film Havana Darkness, and also worked on Step Up 3-D and Maybe Tomorrow.  Carolina will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon, pricing TBA.

  • Casey Renee Cosplay

    Casey Renee is an award winning cosplayer focused in sewing and live streaming. She recently won best in show at the TwitchCon Cosplay Contest 2018 with her Sakizou Amethyst costume. Casey is incredibly passionate about sewing, Disney, historical costuming and live streaming on Twitch. She loves sharing her experience with others and help the cosplay community as a whole learn new things and celebrate craftsmanship. This is Casey's first time being a guest at MomoCon but you might have seen her last year win Best Masters in Sewing with her Belle gown or the year before in her Dressmaking Panel. You can find Casey live on Twitch.tv/caseyreneecosplay, Instagram.com/caseyreneecosplay, twitter.com/caseyreneecos, or check out her work on caseyreneecosplay.com (Photo credit goes to the photo wizard Alexandra Lee Studios)

  • Charles Martinet

    Beloved the world over for voicing perhaps the most popular and recognized character in video game history, Charles Martinet is an American actor, best known for providing the voice of Mario, the titular character in Nintendo’s flagship video game franchise. Beyond the mustachioed plumber, Martinet also voices Luigi, Wario, Waluigi, Toad, Baby Mario, Baby Luigi and a select few other characters from the same series.  Not just limited to roles in Mario games, Martinet has also lent his voice to the boxers and the announcer in the Super NES title Super Punch-Out!!. He voiced the character Vigoro in SEGA's Dreamcast and Nintendo GameCube role-playing video game, Skies of Arcadia. He did the voice of Homunculus in the Konami PlayStation 2, Xbox and Windows game Shadow of Destiny, and provided voices for Reader Rabbit and The ClueFinders games.  Charles will have a fee for autographs.

  • Chris Miller

    Chris Miller Games is a game design company started in 2014. Chris Miller is a native of Atlanta Georgia, and has been an avid role-player, and larper for more than 35 years. In 2014 Chris quit his profession as an Optician, and dove into RPG design. To date, CMG has two games out; ANKUR-Kingdom of the gods (RPG), and Collusion (satirical card game). When not working on games, Chris, and his wife Candace, run the local Rocky Horror Picture Show (Lips Down on Dixie) at the Plaza theater in Atlanta.

  • Cosplay Collective

    Cosplay Collective is conceived and led by Dee Volpe and Nancy Arch. They are local to Nashville (and surrounding areas) while traveling to participate and help out conventions. They make appearances at local hospitals, senior assisted living places, and local events. And do it all free of charge! Everyone is welcome to join, just let them know you would like to share in the love of cosplay and costuming. They also are building a community for cosplayers. They plan events for cosplayers so they can share their love for it with others who enjoy it as much. Events include maker meet-ups, classes, photo jams, and community out reach events. They are also the original creators of The Cospitality Suite, a concept that too long has been needed in the convention arena.  https://www.instagram.com/cosplaycoll/  https://www.facebook.com/SouthernCosplayCollective

  • CutiePieSensei

    CutiePieSensei is a costume designer, model, and artist based out of Atlanta, GA. By combining her love of gaming, comics, anime and art in general, CutiePieSensei was able to find cosplay as the perfect outlet to unleash her creativity. Cosplaying has now become one of her biggest passions next to digital illustration and allows her to still be creative with her hands outside of Photoshop. With each new costume, she strives to learn something new and loves tackling different challenges that come with each unique character; whether it is working with a material she never has used before or brushing up (literally) on her makeup skills. She recently has become known for using her illustrative skills to create custom mashup designs to further set her cosplays apart. CutiePieSensei lives by a motto of positivity, and uses her platform to prove that anyone can cosplay whatever they want regardless of their race, gender, etc. Her impact has led to features by publications such as AFROPUNK, Kotaku, Essence Magazine, and even commercials in SyFy's "It's a Fan Thing" campaign. Connect with CutiePieSensei https://www.facebook.com/cutiepiesensei/ https://www.instagram.com/cutiepiesensei/

  • DA Games

    Going 1 Million subscribers strong and ever growing, the team at DAGames are widely known for their Influence in the Nerdcore music industry, their gameplay videos and their fan projects for franchises such as “Bendy and the Ink Machine”, “Five Nights At Freddy’s”, “Hello Neighbor” and “Cuphead”. The team will be around Momo Con and welcome everyone to come and say “Hey Buddy!”

  • Dave Silva

    T Dave Silva is the lead game designer, writer and owner of House Dok Productions. Developer of the Open Action System, which rewards both dedication and diversity. The engine behind the Fractured Kingdom, a game of conspiracy and mysticism in the dark future, and Metahumans Rising, a game inspired by the action, drama and creativity of classic comic books. Dave was also the host of the Three Rivers Academy and Open Actions an actual play podcast series using the Open Action System set primarily in the Metahumans Rising universe.

  • David and Alex Harmer

    David Harmer is a disaster preparedness and game author and illustrator, as well as a certified gunsmith and competitive marksman. Recent works include Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: the American Wasteland; Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: The Fleet; Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: Lords of London; Aftermath! Asteroid Cybele: The Wild West; Hand of Death, Run Away from Zombies, Disaster Survival Guide, Alley Rabbit, and Survival Weapons and Techniques. Alex Harmer Designed his first game “Run Away From Zombies” when he was 7 years old. Published by Fantasy Games Unlimited, it sold out the first printing at its release weekend. The game is “designed by a kid – for kids”. Alex also is on the ETO Martial Arts STORM demo team, and is working on developing his first video game and YouTube channel, as well as an avid Cosplayer and has started building his own costumes (Star Wars Republic Commando was his first independent project).

  • Deans Lyst

    Walter Dean is a premier costume designer who specializes in custom-made costumes for the cosplayer in you. He brings characters to life by merging his expertise with the desires of his clients, providing them with the opportunity to become the character and own their creativity. Dean shares his creative skills by teaching sewing classes at JoAnn Fabrics. He teaches regular structured classes and one-on-one individual learning classes. As a cosplay model himself, Dean knows what is important when it comes to wearing a costume and how to adapt them to the everyday person, while maintaining it’s aesthetics and integrity. As a result of his care and attention to detail, Dean was highlighted in the book, "1000 Incredible Costume & Cosplay Ideas" and spotlighted in "The Huffington Post" as a “designer to watch”. Most recently, he was featured by Marvel for their “Marvel Becoming” series, where he displayed his stellar recreations of the Dora Milaje costumes from the Black Panther movie. Please follow him on social media (FB, IG, and Twitter): @deanslyst.  Photo by Andrew Michael Phillips

  • Deedee Magno Hall

    Deedee is currently the voice of “Pearl” on Cartoon Network’s Emmy nominated series, Steven Universe & “Snuggs” the hedgehog in Doc McStuffins on the Disney Channel.  Her theater credits include: “Kim” Miss Saigon (Broadway, 2nd US National Tour & Asian Tour), “Nessarose” Wicked (1st US National Tour), "Diana" Next To Normal (East West Players), If/Then (Broadway & US National Tour), “Mrs. Walker” The Who’s Tommy (East West Players), and more!  Her TV & Film includes: Original cast of Disney Channel’s “New Mickey Mouse Club”, Third Watch, Dellaventura, Rear Window, Face, Sister Act 2. Recordings: 4 albums with Hollywood Record’s pop group, “The Party” (touring the US, Canada, Europe & Asia, opening up for Taylor Dayne, Hi 5, Color Me Badd & Vanilla Ice) & co-founder of mommy singing group, “Mama Bares”.  Deedee will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

  • dj-Jo

    Residing in Florida, dj-Jo has made his mark on the YouTube community with his hard hitting, melody driven arrangements of popular anime and video game franchises such as Attack on Titan, Tokyo Ghoul, the Legend of Zelda & Undertale. Utilizing his unique live setup, dj-Jo not only showcases his musicianship but also his distinct music taste.Blending aspects of heavy electronic music into a variety of Anime, VGM and EDM soundtracks, this EDM performer strives to bring something different to the table with his love and experience for music. So no matter what size the crowd is, dj-Jo will definitely be dancing along with you.

  • Donny Cates

    Donny Cates is a writer of comic books currently working on VENOM, COSMIC GHOST RIDER, DEATH OF THE INHUMANS, REDNECK, and BABYTEETH. His past works include Thanos, Doctor Strange, Damnation, God Country, Buzzkill, The Ghost Fleet, The Paybacks, Interceptor, Star Trek, and Atomahawk. He's from the town that King Of The Hill was based on but lives in Austin, Texas with his cat and his books. He is much more interesting than this bio makes him sound. Promise.

  • Estelle

    Grammy award winner singer/songwriter Estelle achieved mainstream success in the U.S. with her single “American Boy” featuring Kanye West. However, fans of Cartoon Network recognize her as the voice of Garnet, the leader of the Crystal Gems in the insanely popular Steven Universe series. Estelle’s influence on pop culture doesn’t stop there, though, with a long list of film and television credits including We Bear Bears (that’s her singing the theme song!) and Empire on FOX playing the character Delphine.  www.EstelleDarlings.com  Estelle will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

  • Fabrice Sapolsky

    A true storyteller, Fabrice Sapolsky can write, draw, letter and edit any comics. His debut comic book as a creator wasSpider-Man Noir for Marvel Comics. He came up with the original concept, then refined and enriched it with David Hine, his co-writer on the series. Then he switched to creator owned comics with One-Hit Wonder (Image Comics) and most recently Intertwined (Dynamite Entertainment). Recently, Fabrice co-wrote (still with David Hine) the Spider-Geddon: Spider-Man Noir short where he even designed two new characters, the Shocker and the White Widow. He now lives in Los Angeles where he also works as Senior Editor for legendary publisher Humanoids.

  • FamilyJules

    Jules Conroy, widely known for his YouTube channel FamilyJules, is an American guitarist who has arranged over one thousand video game songs into metal, classical, ska, and more over his 300+ video library of covers and medleys. Jules remains the most popular and watched exclusively video game guitar arranger on YouTube with 50 million views and over 300,000 subscribers. Jules also is responsible for the alternate metal album for the critically acclaimed indie megahit, Crypt of the Necrodancer which won countless awards including the 2016 Best Audio award in the Game Developers Conference Choice Awards. His guitar playing can also be heard in the original Binding of Isaac soundtrack, on the metal arrangement album for VVVVVV, and in the best selling guitar VST, Shreddage SRP by Impact Soundworks. Jules continues to put out regular weekly videos on his YouTube channel arranging the best video game music for metal guitar and more.

  • Flashfletch Cosplay

    Dustin Fletcher, Flashfletch Cosplay, is a cosplayer who enjoys doing crazy make ups and builds, as well as doing charity work for Heroes Alliance. When not cosplaying he is a Set Costumer and Ager/Dyer for film and television focusing on the superhero and horror genres. As well as the Co-DM of D4, a 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons actual play live streaming show. His credits include Avengers: Infinity War, Captain America: Civil War, Constantine, Goosebumps 1 and 2, Hunger Games: Mockingjay, Powers, The Walking Dead, Venom, Black Lightning and More.  Photo by Manny Llanura   Twitter- @flashfletch Instagram- www.instagram.com/flashfletch33 Facebook- www.facebook.com/FlashfletchCosplay

  • Gabi

    Your friendly neighborhood old school cosplayer, Gabi!  Returning to look at your seams as a technical judge, Gabrielle has more than 20 years experience with cosplay, sewing, and crafting. You can often find her either working on a costume, working in papercraft, or gaming. She loves her some hack and slash and has some strong opinions on the best devil triggers. And if you look really close you'll spot her in costume in a few of your favorite TV shows in the background. She specializes in doing the most with the least because it makes you that much more powerful when you get your hands on the good stuff.  You can find most of her updates on twitter as @EienAi or on instagram as @gabihime. Extensive costume notes are on her site http://gablab.wackomedia.com/ Photo by Elysia Griffin

  • Gaku Space

    Born in Tokyo, Japan, Gaku Space decided to forgo a baseball career to pursue his passion for acting. Relocating to Los Angeles, he studied acting and became an advanced martial artist in Filipino Kali and Japanese sword fighting. In 2014, he landed a lead role in the live-action series Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist by Capcom as Goki. He's now best known for his work as Genji from Blizzard Entertainment's Overwatch. His other voiceover work includes X-Men: Destiny, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows and Heroes of the Storm. His TV credits include Westworld, How I Met Your Mother, and Shake It Up.  Gaku Space will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

  • Gigguk

    Gigguk is a Youtuber best known for his satirical look into the world of anime and its culture. He has done various reviews and rants but is also known for his parody work, which includes his anime in minutes series.

  • Go Big or Go Home Cosplay

    Winner of Cosplay Melee - Throne Off, Ambassador for Plaid Crafts, Best in Show MomoCon 2017, Best use of Technology and Favorite Social Media Vote at DragonCon 2016, Best in Show Journeyman Momocon 2015. Emily Schmidt of Go Big or Go Home Cosplay is based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She has been cosplaying for around 5 years and loves the cosplay community. She feels it is a great place to make friends and learn new crafting techniques. Emily is known for her armor and prop making skills. When making her costumes she primarily uses foam, thermoplastics, electronics and 3D printing. Emily has won awards for Craftsmanship Competitions in the Journeyman and Master levels. Her most proud accomplishment includes competing on Cosplay Melee, SyFy's cosplay competition show. As an artist, she is exploring more opportunities to work on commission builds and pursue work with others in the community. This includes partnering with Plaid Crafts as an Ambassador for their products. (Photo by Kendel B)  @gbghcosplay for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch 

  • Greg Burnham

    Greg Burnham is a Children’s Book Author, and Co-creator/writer of Tuskegee Heirs. His passion for history is only matched by his fire to inspire children to reach higher heights. By day, Greg works in finance, coaches basketball and raises his two children. By night, he, along with Marcus Williams form the duo that has brought Tuskegee Heirs to life. Find Greg  on Social Media at: Instagram,  Facebook, Twitter.

  • Hoyt Silva

    Hoyt Silva is a rising star in the grand universe of storytelling. From working on various titles for independent publishers to spearheading his own webcomic efforts through Webtoons Discover. Hoyt brings the heat when it comes to telling a story. With so many fresh styles ranging from dramatic and serious to lighthearted and funny Hoyt’s constantly pushing himself out of his comfort zone in an order to bring comics to a broader audience. If you’d like to get in on the action please visit his Patreon page at Patreon.com/hoytsilva and follow him on instagram: @thehoyt or watch him do his thing live on Twitch: twitch.tv/theoyt850  Photo by Patrick Sun

  • Jarman Props

    JarmanProps is a one stop shop for SFX props, digital asset design, and molding and casting services. Eric Jarman (owner) has been building props and costumes from film and gaming properties for the better part of a decade, and in 2018 moved south to set up shop in the ATL. Notable clients include Major League Gaming, Microsoft, and Catan Studio. Website - www.JarmanProps.com Social - www.instagram.com/jarmanprops/

  • Jonah Levy

    Jonah Levy, Founder of Blue Whale Studios Inc., has been passionate about special effects makeup for most of his life. He has been working as a professional in the Makeup and Special F/X industry for over 25 years and has been part of makeup teams on such films as “Guardians of the Galaxy: 2”, “Avengers: Infinity Wars”, “Get On Up”, “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, “The Butler”, “OZ: The Great and Powerful”, “Transformers 3”, “Green Lantern”, and “Zombieland” as well as hit television shows such as “The Walking Dead”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Homeland”, and “Banshee” to name a few. His skills include everything from beauty makeup and body painting to advanced prosthetic and creature design. He works and teaches around the world, and loves to share his passion with others. Jonah and his team at Blue Whale Studios inc put their all into everything they do. As a company, they strive to deliver the absolute best quality for each and every project they take on!

  • Jonny Cruz

    Jonny's passions led him to start his acting career in Dallas Texas, landing him some fun direct to DVD action movies (Walking Tall: Lone Justice, Missionary Man) and early TV appearances (Prison Break). He produced and directed his first feature film (Small Timers) and many online series before moving to LA. Since living in LA he has made his way into television (Matador, The Closer, NCIS: Los Angeles) and voice over (Overwatch, Hitman, Red Dead Redemption, Hero’s of the Storm, Prototype 2, Stinky and Dirty). Jonny is currently working a few new releases as well as his own creative projects.  Jonny will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon, pricing TBA.

  • JT Music

    JT Music, a gaming music video making duo is celebrating 10 years in the game in 2019. In that time, JT Music (Skull and Pat) has amassed over two and a half million subscribers and over one billion views. Each Friday they release a new music video on Rooster Teeth (Saturdays on YouTube). Christian Ames and John Gelardi, are lifelong friends and huge fans of gaming and music. In high school, John moved away, but because of their Xbox 360’s they were able to keep in touch regularly. Christian was rolling around making music and John was rolling around with game play when John suggested Christian write a Halo song and John made a video. It went viral and now they are two nerds living the dream. Known for keeping their fingers on the pulse of gaming culture, in the last two months they have created music videos for Call of Duty Black Ops, Red Dead Redemption, and Spyro Reignited Trilogy. They plan to pay homage to Resident Evil 2, The Division 2, and Game of Thrones in 2019

  • Justin Briner

    Justin Briner is a Dallas-based actor and singer known primarily for his work in anime and video games. Recently, he's started up the third season of My Hero Academia as Izuku "Deku" Midoriya. He can also be heard as Mikaela in Seraph of the End, Nova in Space Patrol Luluco, Yukito and Yue in Cardcaptor Sakura, Yoichi in Drifters, Ayanokoji in Classroom of the Elite, Alfonso in GARO: The Animation, Niko in Nanbaka, Ryota Mitarai in Danganronpa 3, Frate in 91 Days, Qwenthur in Heavy Object, Manato in Grimgar, Ashes and Illusions, and many more. Additionally, he has provided voices for games such as Dust: An Elysian Tail, SMITE, Regalia: Of Men and Monarchs, Cibele, and DreadOut. When not behind the mic, Justin enjoys reading, cooking, and playing video games (he is an unapologetic Hearthstone addict).  Justin will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, specific pricing TBA.

  • Kamikaze

    Kamikaze is an award winning scifi comic forged from equal parts passion, talent, and geekery. The story follows a young courier desperate for a better life who collides with a mysterious covert operation when a critical mission is blown. Inspired by a deep appreciation for animation, character driven storylines and rich world building the series is an ongoing action-packed tale with an intimate dramatic heart. It's three creators, Alan & Carrie Tupper and Havana Nguyen work every week to bring their vision to life one over-ambitious page at a time.

  • Keith Silverstein

    Keith Silverstein is a veteran voice actor with an impressive and diverse list of credits. He’s the voice of Torbjörn in the smash hit game Overwatch, Hisoka on Hunter x Hunter, Hawk Moth on the fan favorite Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir, Dr. Wily in Megaman 11, Hammerhead in Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4, and Keith recently joined the cast of My Hero Academia: Two Heroes as mega- baddie Wolfram! He can also be heard as Monspiet in Seven Deadly Sins, Omar in Telltale Game’s The Walking Dead: The Final Season, and Vector the Crocodile in the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise. Resident Evil fans know him as HUNK. Soul Calibur fans will recognize him as Zasalamel, and to fans of Persona 5 he’s the villainous Masayoshi Shido. Other notable credits include: Arséne Lupin III in Jigen’s Gravestone, Kirby O’Neil in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Speedwagon in Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.  Keith will provide the first autograph free in official MomoCon autograph sessions, and additionally will have other autograph and merchandise opportunities during the weekend.

  • Kenji Kamiyama

    Born on March 20, 1966, Kenji Kamiyama is an Animation Film Director, Screenwriter, as well as the Co-CEO of Craftar Studios, Inc. https://www.craftar.co.jp Some of Kamiyama's titles include "Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex," which is one of the most watched cable anime TV shows in the US and sold more than 2.3 million copies, "Moribito: Guardian of the Spirit," as well as "Eden of the East," "009 RE: CYBORG" in 2012, "Cyborg 009 Call of Justice" in 2016, and "Napping Princess" in 2017. Kamiyama is currently at Production I.G working on "Ultraman" with a co-director Shinji Aramaki, along with the next "Ghost in the Shell SAC 2045" series and the animated "Blade Runner."

  • Kenny James

    Kenneth W. "Kenny" James is an American voice actor for Bowser in the Mario Brothers series. His debut was in Super Mario Strikers, where he voiced Bowser and the Super Team and has voiced Bowser regularly since Super Mario Galaxy.  Kenny will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon, pricing TBA.

  • Kyle Starks

    Kyle Starks has been writing and occasionally drawing RICK AND MORTY for ONI PRESS since 2016. He is a two time Eisner award nominee (SEXCASTLE, ROCK CANDY MOUNTAIN) and is currently also writing MARS ATTACKS for Dynamite. Well known for his action-comedies, like KILL THEM ALL (recently optioned by Paramount Pictures), his forthcoming ASSASSIN NATION out with Erica Henderson from Skybound was announced for 2019.

  • Laura Martin

    A 22-year veteran of the comics industry, Laura Martin is best known for her award-winning color artistry on titles such as Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Black Panther, Astonishing X-Men, The Rocketeer, Planetary, and Superman. Laura lives in Atlanta with her husband Randy and their clowder of adorable cats.

  • Luci Christian

    Luci Christian is a professional actor living in Houston, Texas. Internationally known for her voice work, her career also spans stage, television, radio, industrial, and anything else she can book. Notable anime roles include Ren in Made in Abyss, Ochaco in My Hero Academia, Honey in Ouran Host Club, Kaname in the Full Metal Panic! Series, Psiren and Wrath in Fullmetal Alchemist, Nami in One Piece, Kyuta in The Boy and the Beast, Lenalee in D. Grayman, Asuna in Negima, Alois in Black Butler, Tenma in School Rumble, Rico in Gunslinger Girl, Ophelia in Claymore, Makina in Shikabane Hime, Birdy in Birdy the Mighty:Decode, the Narrator in Kamisama Kiss, Hungary in Hetalia, and Yuki in Food Wars, Chihaya in Chihayafuru, Carmen in Starship Troopers: Traitor of Mars, Hestia in DanMachi, Satomi Murano in Parasyte: The Maxim, Deunan in Appleseed, Elsie in the World God Only Knows, Kelly in Halo Legends, Mirai Onozawa in Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Nagisa in Clannad, Ringo in Air Gear, Mako in Nerima Daikon Brothers, Milia Fallyna in Macross, Haruko in Air, Risa in D.N. Angel, Tetsu in Peace Maker Kurogane, Duck/Tutu in Princess Tutu, Jinpei in Gatchaman and Paiman in Gatchaman Crowds, Sasshi in Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, and Yukari in Azumanga Daioh.  She @lucilovesmic on Twitter and can be found online at www.lucichristian.com.  Luci will be providing the first autograph free at MomoCon 2019.

  • Marcus Williams

    Your friendly neighborhood artist, Marcus is an American Illustrator and currently the creator and artist behind comic projects Tuskegee Heirs and Super Natural. Stationed in Atlanta, Ga, he spends most of his time toiling away late nights on everything from illustrating children’s books, comic art, to random character commissions and more. A proud father of two, he somehow manages to steal enough time to create loads of artwork and check homework. Follow him on his Website.

  • Matt Silva

    Matthew Silva, Co-owner of Blue Whale Studios, has been working as a makeup artist for over 12 years and has been part of makeup teams on such projects as “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Black Panther”, “Avengers: End Game”, “Guardians of the Galaxy: 2”, “The Walking Dead”, “The Accountant”, “Allegiant”, “The Vampire Diaries”, and countless others. His acute attention to detail makes Matthew an extremely strong and versatile artist, with a skill set ranging from beauty and prosthetics to extremely technical sculpture, armor making, and prop building. His ability to lead and manage a team is what drove his partnership with Blue Whale Studios Inc. This new partnership has helped Blue Whale Studios Inc to grow and expand quickly and they are all looking forward to what the future holds.

  • McKenzie Atwood

    McKenzie Atwood has built an online following of thousands from her multimedia work in fandoms like Steven Universe. Her YouTube channel MKatwood has been the origin of beloved memes like Pearl's Secret Rap Career. She also hosts the official Steven Universe Podcast, where she interviews guests about the show's plot, production, and impact. McKenzie is also a voice actor and student at Georgia Tech where she studies computational media. You can find her on YouTubeTwitter, and Instagram.

  • Michaela Dietz

    Michaela Dietz is a Korean-American performer and voice over actress whose credits include: Steven Universe (Amethyst), Mighty Magiswords (Danelda), Barney & Friends (Riff), Grand Theft Auto V, Lego Dimensions (Chunk), and Krampus (Cherub).  Michaela will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

  • Monica Rial

    Monica Rial is best known as Bulma from Dragon Ball Z Kai, Dragon Ball Super, and the recent movies. She has been working in the anime industry for almost 20 years and she is currently listed as the most prolific anime voice actor in the USA. She has lent her voice to over 500 anime including: Black Butler, Deadman Wonderland, Fairy Tail, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hello Kitty, Hetalia, Michiko & Hatchin, My Hero Academia, One Piece, Ouran High School Host Club, Panty and Stocking, Saga of Tanya the Evil, Soul Eater, Yuri!!! on Ice, and many more. She voiced Jubilee on Aqua Teen Hunger Force and has also appeared in several video games including Tales of Berseria, Fire Emblem Echoes, Ms. & Splosion Man, Angry Birds 2, Monster Tale, Tribes Ascend, Gunstringer, Smite, Borderlands 2, Borderlands the Pre-Sequel, Dungeon Boss, and Orcs Must Die! Monica will have a fee for autographs, TBA.

  • Mr. CreepyPasta

    Creepy Pasta is the new Urban Legend. These stories of terror and dread spring from the minds of many talented people around the internet and are compiled into free to listen audiobooks by one specific voice. MrCreepyPasta, Horror Storytelling Podcast and Youtuber, is a well known voice for such famous horror stories such as Jeff the Killer, Tales from the Gas Station and Borrasca. He started 7 year ago and over that time has becoming a staple in the YouTube community and in the horror genre with over 1.2 Million Subscribers. Since then he has moved into VA voice acting. MrCreepyPasta has produced 2 Creepy Pasta Collection Anthologies that have broken the top 50 Horror Anthologies on amazon and The CreepyPasta Comic Book.  Photo by Affliction Media Productions.

  • Myuu: Dark Piano

    A piano live concert with a dark twist. For years Myuu created piano versions of Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Death Note, Final Fantasy, Elfen Lied and many more videogame and anime OSTs.  On his YouTube channel he writes original dark music for popular YouTube horror communities. If you ever watched a Creepypasta, True Scary Story or an “Exploring with…” Abandoned Places video, you probably heard one of his compositions in the background of these videos. His channel has over 250,000 subscribers, with collaborations totalling over 385 million views.

  • NateWantsToBattle

    At the age of 14, Nathan Sharp had already been alive for 14 years. Now, at the age of 29, he’s more than doubled that with a 95% chance to reach 30 within the next year. His career as a YouTube musician took off when he created video game parodies, most of which he has removed because he wants to be regarded as a “serious musician” (whatever that means). Since then, he has released 2 original albums (Sandcastle Kingdoms and Paid In Exposure), both of which have charted on Billboard and iTunes. He’s pretty stoked on that. In 2016, someone made the mistake of letting this guy voice in anime and since then he has voiced in a staggering HANDFUL of shows and video games such as (but not limited to) Yoshichika in Luck & Logic, Craig in Dream Daddy, Damien in Monster Prom, Marcel in Attack on Titan, Bolo in Shantae: Half Genie Hero and Gapri in Fairy Tail: Dragon Cry.

  • OR3O

    OR3O is a youtube creator that is not your typical cookie. For the past year, she has made nerdcore songs such as "All eyes on me", "Doki Doki Forever", "Meow (にゃー)" and proudly "broKi BrOkI fOreVEr". She has also been noticed by senpais and contributed to other songs such as "Basics in Behavior" by The Living Tombstone and "Just Monika" by Random Encounters. But overall, she is just an average nerdy teen who is obsessed with memes, anime, and games.

  • PixelBash Props

    Adam Greene is an Atlanta-based maker with over thirteen years of costuming, fabrication, and entertainment industry experience. As PixelBash Props, he uses advanced techniques such as 3D scanning, digital sculpting, and good old-fashioned elbow grease to bring film, TV, and videogame designs to life. www.instagram.com/PixelBashProps www.facebook.com/PixelBashProps www.etsy.com/shop/PixelBashProps Photo Credit: Dim Horizon Studios

  • ProZD

    SUNGWON CHO (aka ProZD) is a voice actor. He also likes to make skits and whatever else he feels like on YouTube. You can hear him in Judgement, A Hat in Time, Red vs Blue, Radiant, Nomad of Nowhere, Monster Prom, Camp Camp, Battlerite, Apotheon, Unavowed, and more. He also played Detective Joe Furuya in RocketJump and Crunchyroll's Anime Crimes Division.

  • Rebel Taxi

    RebelTaxi is a YouTube channel that discusses, reviews, and analyzes animation in all its forms. RebelTaxi also has a biweekly podcast called the Pizza Party Podcast where Pan Pizza, Nolan B., Jim Gisriel, and Izzy Rae go completely off topic and talk about whatever they want. They're thrilled to be back at Momocon and meet everyone once again. You can find RebelTaxi at his YouTube here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN3Jj2sU9LNFQplsjsdxdrw

  • Reuben Langdon

    Reuben Langdon is a Los Angeles/Tokyo-based Actor/Film Maker/Truth Seeker. Although you may not recognize him, Reuben Langdon is in the most talked about film in history, James Cameron’s Avatar. In addition to stunt doubling the main character, “Jake Sully.” He is the Voice of Ken Masters in the Street Fighter series and In Devil May Cry 3, 4, and 5 he is both the motion capture actor and the voice of Dante, the Gun/Sword toting hero of the franchise. In the Resident Evil game franchise Reuben has performed the motion capture for Chris Redfield. At a young age Reuben began his career in Japan as a series regular acting in the Japanese superhero TV series B- Fighter Kabuto. He later relocated to Hong Kong to work alongside the most recognizable names in action, including Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung. Eventually he made his way to Hollywood and worked regularly as an actor and stuntman on the international hit show The Power Rangers. He also made appearances in several big blockbuster films Charlie's Angels, Spider Man 2, and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Complimenting his success in the world of film and television, he has performed in and produced numerous motion capture shoots for various video games, most notability the Resident Evil and Devil May Cry franchises. His motion capture Stunt Work & performances have made it to the big screen in Steven Spielberg’s and Peter Jackson’s, The Adventures of Tintin, and as the main stunt double for "Jake Sully" in James Cameron's Avatar.  Reuben will be providing the first autograph free at MomoCon 2019.

  • Rico Renzi

    Rico Renzi is an artist and designer from Washington D.C.. His work has appeared in WIRED and Fast Company Magazines, and various publications from D.C., Marvel, Image, Dark Horse, Scholastic, Boom Studios, Oni Press and IDW. He's best known for coloring the first 40 issues of Spider-Gwen and co-designing Gwenom. Currently he's working on comic books Goddess Mode, Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, and Bitter Root. He resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and daughter who mostly support his habit of designing and wearing silly t-shirts. nolongermint.com

  • Robert Wilson

    Robert Wilson IV is a comic artist and illustrator currently living in Dallas, TX. He is the co-creator and artist of HEARTTHROB at Oni Press with writer Christopher Sebela and colorist Nick Filardi. He also co-created KNUCKLEHEADS at IDW / Monkeybrain with Brian Winkeler and LIKE A VIRUS with Ken Lowery. Additionally, he was the artist for BITCH PLANET #3.  He is also active in the poster community making concert posters for bands such as THE MOUNTAIN GOATS, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979, KINGS OF LEON, and THE SWORD, among others.

  • Shing02

    Born in Tokyo, raised in Tanzania and England, Shing02 came up in the independent SF Bay Area scene in the early '90s. Over the course of his independent career starting in 1995, he has collaborated with various musicians, most notably with the late Japanese producer Nujabes. As the inventor of the Vestax Faderboard, he toured around for a few years with the free-jazz trio, Kosmic Renaissance. Recently, he has released the FTTB mix series with DJ Icewater, and “S8102” with Sauce81 soon to be completed. e22.com Image from Mason Rose @masonrosephoto

  • Shinji Aramaki

    Born in 1960, Shinji Aramaki is known as the director for Captain Harlock, APPLESEED, Starship Troopers Invasion, Appleseed α, Aramaki founded Sola Digital Arts in 2010 with Producer Joseph Chou. He is the most leading CG Animation director, who's highly influential to the fans worldwide. Aramaki is also known as the mechanical designer for Genesis Climb Mospeda (ROBO TECH), Megazone 23, Gasaraki and Mobile Suit Gundam MS IGLOO (2004-2006), as well as production designer for Full Metal Alchemist, Soul Eater, Wolf's Rain, etc. He just completed ULTRAMAN with Kenji Kamiyama as his co-director, and they are currently working together on the new Ghost in the Shell, striving to develop a new style of full CG animation.

  • SpatCave Studios

    Spat Oktan of SpatCave Studios is a Special Effects Makeup Artist, Costume and Prop Maker and general Ne’er Do Well who is well known both in the Indie/Low Budget film circles, as well as the Sci-Fi/Comic Con world. He has worked on many films over the years, including: Hard Rock (w/ Michael Wright); Bullets Over Brownsville; Trenches (w/ Daz Crawford); Last Day of Summer (w/ DJ Qualls and William Sadler); Serial (w/ Lauren Valez); Bad Kids Go To Hell (w/ Ben Browder and Judd Nelson), and its sequel – “Bad Kids of Crestview Academy” starring Gina Gershon, Drake Bell and Sean Astin. Be sure to check out his work in the upcoming Sci-Fi film, Assassin 33AD!  His costuming work has also appeared in the Aliens: Colonial Marines video game (in which he also appears as a character), in the AvP Universal Studios attraction, and recently in a 4 page spread for Cosplay Culture magazine. He was also the lead makeup artist for The Walking Dead Experience in Atlanta. Tales of his on-set and convention antics are well documented at his website: spatcave.com, and his Facebook page – http://Facebook.com/spatcavestudios

  • Substantial

    With his 1st album, To This Union A Sun Was Born (Hyde Out Productions) Substantial delivered a critically acclaimed debut album after being sought out by the late Nujabes, who also produced most of the record. His 2nd album and QN5 Music debut, Sacrifice, also well received, landed him on MTV, BET & VH1. When Sub’s 3rd album, Home Is Where The Art Is was released by Mello Music Group in 2012, Ebony.com said “you need this in your life if you’re a lover of hip-hop.” Substantial has also released several mixtapes, group projects and compilations including his popular tribute to Philadelphia songstress, Jill Scott, entitled Jackin’ Jill. His top notch skills and unique baritone vocals have taken him around the globe touring various countries in Asia, Europe & North America. He has collaborated with a long list of artists which includes names like the legendary Godfather of Hip Hop, Kool Herc, Bootsy Collins, all-star rockers Gene Simmons & Bruce Kulick of KISS, Oddisee, CunninLynguists, GRAMMY nominated singer/songwriter Carolyn Malachi, Marcus D & EDM producers Chew Fu & Ferry Corsten to name a few. Substantial has recently partnered with Ford Motor Company and in the past worked with brands such as Amazon, UBER and Bentley Motors. With a slew of accomplishment under his belt in the music industry, what Substantial is most proud of is his youth advocacy work with children, teens and young adults. He has and still, in some cases, facilitates Hip Hop based programs for organizations such as Covenant House, Baltimore City & Prince George’s County Public Schools, The Omega Studios' School of AppliedRecording Arts & Sciences & Maryland-National Park & Planning Commission in Washington, DC & Maryland.

  • Susan Egan

    Susan Egan has delivered powerful impressions in theatre, film, television and music. She headlined on Broadway as Thoroughly Modern Millie, won critical acclaim as “Sally Bowles” in Cabaret, starred in Triumph of Love and State Fair, and received Tony Award and Drama Desk nominations for “Best Actress” as the original “Belle” in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She’s been seen on film in 13 Going on 30, Gotta Kick It Up, many award-winning indies and voiced the animated characters: “Meg” in Disney’s Hercules, “Lin” in the Academy Award-winning Spirited Away, is currently “Rose Quartz” on Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe, and more. She spent two seasons on WB’s Nikki and guest-starred on HOUSE, NUMB3RS, NYPD Blue, Arli$$, Drew Carey, Party of Five, Great Performances, and others. Egan has over 400 solo concerts credits with symphonies worldwide, more than 40 recordings and 7 solo CDs, including: Winter Tracks, CoffeeHouse, Susan Egan LIVE, The Secret of Happiness, and 2015’s Softly. She is an accomplished master teacher in music performance, obsessive gardener, happy wife, and leader to her daughters’ two Girl Scout troops. www.SusanEgan.net, @IAmSusanEgan, Facebook.com/OfficialSusanEgan.  Susan will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon, specific pricing TBA.

  • Sydsnap

    Sydney Poniewaz (sydsnap) is an anime youtuber who makes content mainly centered around Manga or Light novel recommendations. She is also known for her voice acting roles in Ace Academy, Evabridged, Sunrider and many others.

  • TaLynn Kel

    TaLynn Kel is a published essayist, educator, and cosplayer. She uses her enjoyment of cosplay to examine social and structural issues of American culture through the lens of pop-culture fandom. Having been an active participant in the cosplay community for thirteen years, TaLynn has a unique perspective, especially as a fat, Black, woman and has been featured on NBC for her approach to the art. She has also been interviewed by outlets such as The Mary Sue, Rolling Out Magazine, Brit & Co, and Ravishly. You can follow TaLynn Kel's work at talynnkel.com or on social media under @TaLynnKel.

    Photo by Danique Events - https://www.facebook.com/daniqueevents/
    Edits by Acdramon's Artist Cove - https://www.facebook.com/AveryByrdArt/

  • The NPC Collective

    The NPC ("Nerdy People of Color") Collective was founded in 2013, when indie "chip-hop"/Nerdcore emcee Mega Ran brought together various, upwardly mobile entertainers for the unified vision of bringing more representation to underrepresented/marginalized nerds. "Much like [a video game] NPC [non-player character]," Mega Ran explains, "people of color who desire to create music or art or think differently than their counterparts often are discouraged, and forced to keep those thoughts and ideas to themselves, and to play the background." Today, the NPC Collective includes rappers, producers, designers, educators, students, athletes, and even a WWE superstar amongst the ranks. Since the founding of the collective, NPCC members have generated acclaim nationally and internationally, main-staging major video game conventions such as PAX and MAGfest, touring Europe and Asia, releasing Billboard charting albums, and consistently encouraging more gamers and otaku from urban spaces to participate in Con culture.

  • The Runaway Guys

    The Runaway Guys are a collaborative group of Let's Players on YouTube, comprising ProtonJon, NintendoCapriSun, and Chuggaaconroy, featuring videos and collaborations around many games, including many Nintendo titles.

  • The8BitDrummer

    Jerod Collins is a Professional Drummer, Entertainer and Twitch Streamer rolled into one Energetic and Explosive package! Getting his start playing random suggestions given by his chat 3 years ago, He has since built a following of 180,000 Strong on Twitch and 250,000 on Youtube. He plays to literally anything... From Anime Themes, Rock Music, Electronic Tracks and Videogame Soundtracks, there is always something new (and sometimes unheard of before) being covered in his channel Live! It's Not just about the music though... The8BitDrummer Community has been built on Positive Vibes, Charity and having the best time possible! Come Join in on the fun Live 5 days a week at Twitch.tv/the8bitdrummer!

  • Thrill Builds

    Thrill Builds has taken a bit of a Buckaroo Banzai career path. At various times, she’s worked in a crayon factory, released charting music as an EDM recording artist-songwriter, took a turn as Director of Marketing and Creative Development for an indy media studio, as a freelance comic book letterer, and held assorted roles in film and television. She’s also found time to make the odd costume, including recreating the Black Panther’s Dora Milaje for Marvel’s “Becoming” series, and serves as a Director of Atlanta’s largest free fan event, the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo. Tanya has previously discussed her involvement in fandom and media as a panelist/presenter at San Diego Comic Con, MomoCon, the Atlanta Science Fiction and Fantasy Expo, BlerdCon, OnyxCon, and the State of Black Science Fiction convention. www.thrillbuilds.com twitch.tv/thrillbuilds

  • Tim Effler

    Tim Effler has been in the creative development business for over 30 years. He spent an early part of his career as a designer at Mattel in Los Angeles and then, as Director of Product Concepts at Hasbro, he contributed to many of their most successful toy lines including Star Wars, Batman and the Jurassic Park. For 13 years, Tim was also a partner in his own company, SOEDA, Inc., a creative consulting company. Clients included Mattel, Fisher-Price, DreamWorks, Universal Studios, Fox Entertainment and Sony Pictures. His work on the Pirates of the Caribbean toy line won a TOTY (Toy of the Year) award in 2007.  Photo Credit: Tim Effler©

  • Tony Anselmo

    Tony Anselmo is an American voice actor and animator who has worked at Walt Disney Animation Studios since 1980 and has been the voice of Donald Duck since 1985, succeeding Clarence Nash, who trained him for the role during the last 3 years of his life.  Tony will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

  • Tony Weaver

    Tony Weaver, Jr. is an award winning comic writer and the founder of Weird Enough Productions, a media company using comics to help everyone embrace their inner weirdo. Since founding the company at 20, Weaver made history as the first comic writer to be selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30. His comic, The UnCommons, has built an online audience of over 40,000, receiving investment from companies like AT&T and Marriott International, and attention from people like Lena Waithe, Taraji P. Henson, and Lebron James. Join The UnCommons on their adventures at hq.weirdenoughproductions.com.

  • Tracy Yardley

    Tracy Yardley! has worked on the various “Sonic the Hedgehog” comic book series both with Archie Comics and now with IDW Publishing since 2005 and produced two volumes of the graphic novel series "Riding Shotgun" from Tokyopop. He also recently completed two miniseries; the 5 issue “Cosmo” from Archie Comics and the 3 issue “Galaxy Man and Cosmic Girl” from indie imprint Young Legends.

  • Volpin Props

    Harrison Krix is the owner and lead artist for the Atlanta based propmaking studio Volpin Props. Founded in 2008, Volpin Props has evolved over the last decade from one propmaker in his garage making kit helmets to a full studio employing many talented artists specializing in prop replicas and eSports awards for the videogame industry. The work produced by Harrison and Volpin Props can be seen on stage at some of the world's largest eSports events, such as the Overwatch World Championship and League of Legends LCS competitions. Those interested in propmaking and the process behind it can check out the Volpin Props Instagram, Facebook, and Website for detailed behind-the-scenes looks at every element of prop and replica fabrication. Photo by Bill Doran

  • Zach Callison

    Zach Callison is an American music artist, actor, voice actor and content creator from Los Angeles, CA best known for his work as Steven in Cartoon Network's Steven Universe as well as Chuck in Amazon Studios' Just Add Magic.  www.ZachCallison.com  Zach will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon 2019, pricing TBA.

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