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The Georgia World Congress Center is an exciting venue and opportunity to expand MomoCon into a fantastic forever home!  It boasts over 5600 parking spots, three enormous buildings that comprise the 3rd largest convention center in the US, and a host of nearby hotels as well as Centennial Olympic Park across the street!  This venue has not held a lot of fan conventions in the past 20 years, so many of our regional attendees are not as familiar with the surroundings.  Listed is a map of the downtown area around the venue and several areas that might be good for your meetup and photoshoot needs at the event, all are within an easy walk or are immediately adjacent to the venue.


Sign ups available Jan 1st to host a photoshoot or meetup! Entries submitted before April 1st will appear in the app and printed schedule materials. Please let me know of any changes you might make before that date so the correct information will appear in the app. The cutoff date for submissions is Thursday, May 18th, at midnight EST. No new submissions will be accepted after that date.


Guide to Hosting Photoshoots (updated 2024!)


Due to overwhelming demand for indoor photo areas and the great success our friends at the 501st had with their great set pieces at MomoCon 2017, we were happy to bring the expansion of Cosplay Sets for MomoCon!  The sets will continue in 2024 with many upgrades and updates and some new sets!

In addition to some great setups from the 501st raising money for some excellent charities and their charity initiative, MomoCon is happy to provide some additional options for photos, including a Moon Palace set with distant castle and pillars (akin to Sailor Moon) and a retro-style Fighting Stage (akin to 16 bit fighting game backgrounds)!

Small group reservations can be made through the Photo Shoot Signups, or stop by during the con!


If you walk straight across the street after exiting from Red Parking Deck, you will enter the area between Hall A and B.  This view is from inside.  Notice the glass-tile fountain, it continues down three floors.

There are two ideal locations here, on the 4th floor (the same floor you enter from ground level) and the 2nd floor.  The 2nd floor has more surrounding space.

Hall B has several great photo locations including two spots near the fountain (see left), two plant features, and one outdoor pond area (above) for smaller groups.


Great Photo Opportunities

As you immediately exit the Red Parking Deck, this large stairwell is immediately behind you when facing the GWCC, good for larger group shots and not as far away as the large stairs outside of Hall C.

Just above the Red Parking Deck is an open park area with views of the GWCC and Georgia Dome. Statue doing hardcore ballet parkour just above the Red Parking Deck in the park area.


The park has some interesting statues and architecture, including some views of other parts of the surrounding Atlanta skyline and buildings. The Skyview AtlantaTurner Building, and the area near the Music Stage has some great spots with city backgrounds.

The Music Stage itself is a permanent fixture, and photos may be taken while posing on it (at your own risk).  Be aware that the stage roof is leaky, however, and will catch rain if it has recently rained in the area.

We regularly hold Cosplayers on Ice in the location in the wintertime, you can see some examples of shots in and around the park in some of the galleries on our Flickr.

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