MomoCon 2021 Friday Cosplay Showcase

Held each MomoCon on Friday night, the Cosplay Showcase (formerly the Closet Costume Contest) involves getting into the spirit of cosplay and really becoming the character on stage!  Contestants are judged on screen accuracy and/or their spirit of cosplay, including poise, presentation, and enthusiasm!  This contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or less of their costume by hand.

Judges for this contest are not representatives of MomoCon; they are experienced costume and prop makers 100% external to the organization and rotated in 1-2 year cycles to attempt to reduce bias and provide new pools of experience for the attendees participating.  If you have any feedback or issues with judges and the judging process, or have any questions, please contact

Rules and Entries coming soon

MomoCon 2021 Craftsmanship Costume Contest

One of the largest MomoCon events each year, the Craftsmanship Costume Contest brings out competitors on Saturday night to display some top tier cloth craftsmanship and prop making!  Participants are judged on craftsmanship primarily, and as such this contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or more of their costume by hand.

Judges for this contest are not representatives of MomoCon; they are experienced costume and prop makers 100% external to the organization and rotated in 1-2 year cycles to attempt to reduce bias and provide new pools of experience for the attendees participating.  If you have any feedback or issues with judges and the judging process, or have any questions, please contact

Online Reservations coming soon – PLEASE NOTE this does NOT guarantee a spot by itself in the Contest judging, please stop by the judging timeslot sign ups to secure your time for judging on site beginning at the Cosplay Judging Room, TBD location of the Georgia World Congress Center as early as Friday at 2PM (until 5:30PM) for one of the 20 judging slots on Friday or one of the remaining 30 slots on Saturday. Starting at 10AM on Saturday we will fill the 70 remaining slots. This form is intended to save you time filling out the paperwork early.

Craftsmanship Contest Rules coming soon

Want to participate in either contest without being judged for prizes, just to show off your costume on stage?  Be sure to check out the Walk-On only options (when available)!

Walk-On Only Form

MTAC Presents: The LipSync Contest

Join us for MTAC’s famous LipSync Contest, a fantastic event where con-goers compete by pretending to sing along to their favorite songs!

Contest Rules

  • Audio files must be under four minutes long. In the event that multiple audio files are submitted within the same competing year, the earliest submission will be accepted. All other competitors will be asked to resubmit an audio file while holding their place in the submissions. 
  • Audio files must be PG. Audio with explicit or suggestive lyrics will be denied and competitors will be asked to resubmit a new file.
  • Props are allowed with permission from the event coordinator. Please do not throw them into the crowd, towards our photography staff, or scatter them across the stage. 
  • All acts are restricted to the stage. Any attempt to perform offstage will result in immediate disqualification. 
  • Visible undergarments will result in immediate disqualification. Please email the event coordinator directly if there are any questions or concerns.  
  • In the interest of keeping the competition fair, marriage proposals and other major distractions will result in an automatic removal from the stage and competition and prevent you from returning next year. 

Application Information

  • Application information TBA
    • Please note that the event may reach maximum capacity before the deadline. 
  • Once your application is received the event coordinator will review your audio file. You will receive a formal response approving or denying the song choice. This is not a guarantee that you will be performing to compete in the event. 
  • You will receive a secondary email informing you of your competition or exhibition status. 
    • Competition spots are awarded in the order of application submission and are awarded in proportion to the overall length of the competition.
    • Exhibition spots are awarded after all competition spots are filled and perform for the audience while the judges are deliberating. In the event that a competing contestant does not arrive, an exhibition spot can be moved into the competition at the event coordinator’s discretion. 

Performance Suggestions

  • Sync your lips to the music without audibly singing. 
  • Face the judges as much as possible while performing.
  • Utilize the whole stage.
  • Dress up, bring props, and be creative! Make this memorable!
  • No burlesque or obscene gestures. This is a PG-13 show, so keep it (mostly) clean!



Sign ups available soon

Disney Sing-Along Contest

(Submissions open soon, TBA)

We’re back for a seventh year of Disney goodness at MomoCon 2021! Join a host of singers as they compete for fabulous prizes singing their favorite Disney songs!

Submissions available TBA. To compete you will need to sign up and submit samples within that window.

For non-competitors, please join us on Saturday of MomoCon to hear some great performances!  There are no restrictions on performers, but we do ask that out of courtesy, previous top prize winners refrain from entering again.

MomoCon is happy to host our annual Disney Sing Along Contest! We had some really overwhelming demand for the event that goes up every year, so get your submissions in! Please read the rules and submission guidelines below for more details. The contest will be held Saturday afternoon at MomoCon 2021. If you cannot be at MomoCon at that time, please do not submit, as pre-screened finalists will perform in the finals on stage at MomoCon at that time. Being present for the finals is mandatory for any finalists wishing to compete for prizes!

The Basics

We love Disney songs, and we hope you do, too! This contest is a platform for you to show off your best princess voice, or Randy Newman impersonation, to possibly win some great prizes! The best part? The Grand Prize winner will receive a ticket to Walt Disney World! No joke, straight up, a ticket to the most magical mouse-inspired Florida destination! The top three in the contest also receive cash prizes!

Please limit selections to Disney animated features, broadway plays based on animated features, muppets/Henson productions, claymation Disney (Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas), or other animated Disney (direct to DVD, etc.). Due to audience response, we will no longer accept unreleased songs from animated features.

Permitted for competition:
-Disney Animated Feature songs
-Broadway songs from plays based on Disney Animated Features
-Original songs from Disney live action adaptations of Animated Features (i.e. Evermore from Beauty and the Beast)
-Pixar Animated Feature songs
-Muppets/Henson Productions songs
-Claymation Disney produced movies (Nightmare Before Christmas)
-Disney-produced partial animated movies (Enchanted, Mary Poppins, Pete’s Dragon)
-Disney+ original animated productions or live action adaptations of animated productions

Not permitted for competition:
-Disney produced Broadway not tied to an animated property (Aida)
-Unreleased songs from any Disney production
-Disney Corporation owned properties that are not tied to the “Permitted for competition” category movies (Anastasia, Aliens, Deadpool, Miramax, Touchstone, Marvel, Star Wars)

How do I compete?

You’ll need to submit two vocal samples of the two song choices you are auditioning with! Please apply between Jan 2021 and March 1st, 2021 for consideration in the contest.


Pre-judging is 100% based on vocal performance and variety; we have a panel of judges with professional vocal experience ready for all entries. Stage judging for finalists will be 90% vocals and 10% presentation. Finalists will be notified of acceptance in mid-late March.

Judges for both the pre-judging process and on site final judging are trained singers, from those who have 10+ years of performing experience to even music theory teachers. Judges recuse themselves for any submissions from people who are personal friends or family. Judging is hosted blind, without information about the submitter, and while video submissions are allowed, pre-judging is completed based on vocals alone. Lower quality submitted files are not penalized versus high quality recordings (judges may ask for a second file if there is an issue with audibility).


First place will receive a one-day park ticket to Walt Disney World (no hopper option). This ticket can be used at any of the four major parks on the Disney property in Orlando (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) and is valid for one year. Should this not be available, a Disney gift card for the amount of a one-day park ticket will be provided. Second and Third place will receive prizes from MomoCon (manga, comics, plushes, DVDs, etc.). First through Third place also will receive cash awards.

MomoCon 2021 AMV Contest

Entries for the MomoCon 2021 AMV contest begin early December 2020, see information linked below!

More information available

Please note, the 2021 contest will be held digitally.

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