MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA



MomoCon 2019 Closet Costume Contest

Held each MomoCon on Friday night, the Closet Costume Contest involves getting into the spirit of cosplay and really becoming the character on stage!  Contestants are judged on screen accuracy and/or their spirit of cosplay, including poise, presentation, and enthusiasm!  This contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or less of their costume by hand.

Rules and forms coming soon!

MomoCon 2019 Craftsmanship Costume Contest

One of the largest MomoCon events each year, the Craftsmanship Costume Contest brings out competitors on Saturday night to display some top tier cloth craftsmanship and prop making!  Participants are judged on craftsmanship primarily, and as such this contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or more of their costume by hand.

Rules and forms coming soon!

Want to participate in either contest without being judged for prizes, just to show off your costume on stage?  Be sure to check out the Walk-On only optionsPDF version

Please note, all forms will be taken on site only, not online in advance.

Disney Sing Along Contest
(signups begin Jan 2019)

We’re back for a sixth year of Disney goodness at MomoCon 2019! Join a host of singers as they compete for fabulous prizes singing their favorite Disney songs!

Submissions available Jan 2019. To compete you will need to sign up and submit samples within that window.  The beautiful Sidney Marcus Auditorium was a fantastic backdrop last year for some really incredible performances!

Submissions open through March 1st! For non-competitors, please join us on Saturday of MomoCon to hear some great performances!

MomoCon is happy to host our annual Disney Sing Along Contest! We had some really overwhelming demand for the event that goes up every year, so get your submissions in! Please read the rules and submission guidelines below for more details. The contest will be held Saturday afternoon at MomoCon 2018. If you cannot be at MomoCon at that time, please do not submit, as pre-screened finalists will perform in the finals on stage at MomoCon at that time. Being present for the finals is mandatory for any finalists wishing to compete for prizes!

The Basics

We love Disney songs, and we hope you do, too! This contest is a platform for you to show off your best princess voice, or Randy Newman impersonation, to possibly win some great prizes! The best part? The Grand Prize winner will receive a ticket to Walt Disney World! No joke, straight up, a ticket to the most magical mouse-inspired Florida destination! We will have prizes for 2nd and 3rd place as well, TBA.

Please limit selections to Disney animated features, broadway plays based on features, muppets/Henson productions, claymation Disney (Corpse Bride, Nightmare Before Christmas), or other animated Disney (direct to DVD, etc.). Due to audience response, we will no longer accept unreleased songs from animated features.

How do I compete?

You’ll need to submit two vocal samples of the two song choices you are auditioning with! Please apply before March 1st, 2019 for consideration in the contest.


Pre-judging is 100% based on vocal performance and variety; we have a panel of judges with professional vocal experience ready for all entries. Stage judging for finalists will be 90% vocals and 10% presentation. Finalists will be notified of acceptance in mid-late March.


First place will receive a one-day park ticket to Walt Disney World (no hopper option). This ticket can be used at any of the four major parks on the Disney property in Orlando (Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios) and is valid for one year. Second and Third place will receive prizes from MomoCon (manga, comics, plushes, DVDs, etc.)

MomoCon 2019 AMV Contest

Soon applications will open for the 20189AMV & V-MIX Competitions! Each AMV Contest finalist will receive a free 4-day membership to MomoCon 2018! The top video in each category will also receive a trophy and a $75 Cash Prize. We’re also giving $100 to the winner of the Coordinator’s Choice Award, and $500 to the Director’s Choice Award winner.

This year, MomoCon’s AMV Contest will be welcoming submissions that use all forms of animation! MomoCon also has a separate Video Remix (V-MIX) Competition that welcomes Live Action submissions, Cosplay Music Videos, and animated music videos that would either be ineligible or doesn’t fit into a AMV Contest category. V-MIX Competition winners will receive an award and a free membership to next year’s MomoCon (MomoCon 2020).

We’re also giving editors that submit to either competition the opportunity to participate in online voting for all 6 AMV Contest categories and the “Editors’ Choice” Award. About a week before the convention, each participant will be given a unique access code to vote for the videos that they’d like to win. For the “Editors’ Choice” Award, votes submitted by ballots at the convention will have a weighted value of 3x the value of votes submitted online. Editors are encouraged to attend the convention to submit their votes both online and in person.



    1) The AMV competition allows all forms of Animation. This includes but isn’t limited to non Japanese animation like RWBY, Steven Universe, My little Pony, Samurai Jack, Overwatch and League of Legends. The V-MIX Competition welcomes Live Action submissions, Cosplay Music Videos, and animated music videos that would either be ineligible or doesn’t fit into a AMV Contest category.
    2) Videos must not contain watermarks or subtitles that were not inserted by the editor. We also ask that your submissions not include intros, credits, or studio bumpers not directly related to the video content.
    3) Videos must be of reasonable video and audio quality. We suggest that your video resolution be at least 640x480p, and your frame rate be 23.976fps or higher. We don’t recommend submitting files that are greater than 8Bit 1280x720p or 29.97fps.
    4a) Videos submitted must be under 6 minutes and only consist of footage edited solely by the entrant(s). Entries that use footage taken from other AMVs will be disqualified.
    5) Videos modeled after AMV Hell or similar styled “blipvert” formats will not be accepted into the AMV Contest. Instead, we recommend that those videos be sent to the V-MIX Competition. Collabs and MEPs are allowed, but each participant must be listed on the submission form, and the video must only use a single audio track or a congruent audio mix.
    6a) Entrants are only allowed to submit (1) video to a AMV Contest category. Also, entrants are only allowed to submit to (2) of the (6) categories. Entrants will be allowed to submit a 3rd entry if one of their submissions is to either the Trailer or Comedy/ Parody category. And lastly, a single video can not be submitted to more than one category.
    6b) Entrants can submit up to 3 additional videos to the V-MIX Competition. Videos submitted to the V-MIX Competition must not be eligible to participate in the AMV Contest
    7) Submitted videos must not contain excessive violence, language or content that would place it above a PG13 rating. This rule will be enforced on a case-by-case basis.
    8) Videos that were submitted to prior MomoCon AMV Contests are not eligible to participate. Also, videos that premiered before May 1st, 2017 are discouraged.
    9) All submissions must be in MomoCon’s possession by 11:59 pm (EST) on Monday, April 23rd, 2018. Attendance to MomoCon is not required to enter the competition and will not improve your odds of winning.
    10) Videos that are not selected as finalists in the AMV Contest will be moved to the V-MIX Competition, and be eligible to win awards.

The AMV contest is split into six categories. Entrants are allowed to select the best fit category for each of their submissions, but if our judges strongly disagree with the genre of a submitted video, it may be moved to a better fitting category. *The V-MIX Competition doesn’t have any categories, and so all videos submitted to it will be judged against every other submitted video. The AMV Contest categories are as follows:

Drama / Serious
Romance / Sentimental
Fun / Upbeat
Comedy / Parody

File Formats:
The preferred file type is MP4, but we also accept AVI, MPEG-2, WMV, MKV and many more. We strongly discourage submitting QuickTime, DivX, Real Media or Flash Video.

We’ll select the top five videos from each category, and screen them during the convention. Finalists will be announced and notified via e-mail about a week after the submission deadline passes. During the AMV Contest screening (May 26th, 2018), MomoCon attendees will vote on which video they feel should win each individual category. Once the votes have been tailed, the winners will be announced at the contest screening and via twitter https://twitter.com/MomoConAMVs . The AMV contest will also be streamed LIVE on MomoCon’s twitch channel http://www.twitch.tv/team/momocon

In addition to the awards voted on by the audience, there will also be the following:

    Judges’ Choice: Chosen solely by MomoCon volunteer staff prior to the convention.
    Coordinator’s Choice: Chosen by the AMV Contest Coordinator (Kireblue)
    Director’s Choice: Chosen by the Co-Chair/ Founder of MomoCon
    Editors’ Choice: Chosen by participants that submit to either the AMV or V-MIX competition

We’ll also be giving editors the opportunity to label themselves as a “rookie” or “novice” on their submission forms. By selecting these classifications, participants will become eligible to receive the “Best Rookie” or “Best Novice” awards which are meant to recognize the hard work of editors at different levels of experience. For the purpose of our judging, a “Novice” is someone who has been editing for a year or less, and has little to no prior experience in video editing. A “Rookie” is someone who may had prior experience in video editing, but has been editing for a year or less, or has never won a major category award in a contest (Best Action, Drama, Comedy, etc). Selecting either of thee options will not disqualify a participant from making finals or winning additional awards.

Unlike the AMV contest, there will be no finalists for the V-MIX Competition. After the submission deadline passes, our panel of judges will choose videos to receive specific awards that will be announced during the V-MIX Competition screening (May 27th, 2018).

Note: Our panel of judges consists of over a dozen members of MomoCon’s AMV and general volunteer staff. This includes various editors from AMV groups such as PixelBlended Studios, Chaotic Bad Raptor Studios, editors that aren’t affiliated with any group, and also non-editors. MomoCon does not show any bias or favoritism to any particular group or editor, and takes steps to ensure that each video is judged fairly.

Awards & Prizes:

AMV Category Finalists 4 day Membership to MomoCon 2018
AMV Category Winners $75 Cash Prize
Judges, Editors Choice $50 Cash Prize
Theme Award $50 Cash Prize
Coordinator Choice $100 Cash Prize
Director Choice $500 Cash Prize and GIANT TROPHY!
V-MIX Winners 4 day Membership to MomoCon 2019


Anything not claimed on site will be shipped out immediately after the convention.


The form requires you to provide a download link of your video via a file sharing service like SendSpace. If using Google Drive or Dropbox, please ensure that the URL you send is a “shared” or “public” link. If your AMV is available for local download on A-M-V.org, you also have the option of instead providing a link to it’s video information page. Note: Youtube or ”streaming only” links will not be accepted.

If your video meets the necessary rules and requirements, a confirmation e-mail will be sent to you within 72 hours. Note: At any time, MomoCon reserves the right to not show or ultimately disqualify any video for any reason.

If you have any questions or comments about either AMV contest, you can contact MomoCon’s AMV Department at momocon.amvs@gmail.com.  Questions about Costume Contests can be directed to momocon.costumes@gmail.com.