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MomoCon is about more than just the yearly convention every May. Since 2006, MomoCon on Tour has been traveling all over the Southeast hosting photoshoots, dances, art events, game days, tournaments and more! MomoCon on Tour is a great way to experience tiny pieces of MomoCon, some of which may not be able to do at the convention due to logistics and manpower.  Some of the events we host are themed (like the Middle Georgia Massacre), and some raise money for various charities (like the Pretty in Pink Ball). MomoCon On Tour lets you continue enjoying MomoCon events throughout the year!


MomoCon is more than just in-person events, we also run various online events throughout the year!

Want to participate as a panelist, presenter, performer, run games, or more, contact us!



Join us for twice a month live-streaming sessions called the Road to Digital. These special live segments will allow us to test drive some of our concepts and create the best experience for everyone in December. The first Road to Digital event will be October 3rd at 3PM on Follow our channel to be notified when we go live!


While 2020 has been a year of significant change, one thing we did not want to change was bringing you awesome panels and events and much more fun!  In addition to the MomoConline event (held May 21-24th, 2020), we’re bringing you MomoCon Digital events throughout the year, including a new annual Let’s Get Digital Festival in December!

Proceeds from donations at Let’s Get Digital will benefit Feeding America, a nonprofit nationwide network of more than 200 food banks!

MomoCon Let’s Get Digital panels and events are free and do not require a registration.

We were happy to be able to present MomoConline, a digital 4-day event, May 21-24th, 2020!  MomoConline welcomed many guests, partners, tournaments, live gaming, and all new features over the long weekend and we were happy to welcome over 40,000 unique viewers!


MomoCon hosts on-location photoshoots to show off your costumes. Photographers and models will have the opportunity to take the photos they want in the good company of their fellow cosplayers without the crowds and hardships of trying to make a cosplay last through a convention day.

Volunteer photographers are on site to capture cosplayers in their glory against a variety of backgrounds. Some photoshoot events may include foliage, water features, and rustic structures, while others might be more modern, beachy, or even spooky. Join with your friends for a day of lasting memory and FUN!!


MomoCon’s most popular and largest photoshoot is Cosplayers On Ice. Many cosplayers (and non cosplayers) come out to ice skate, partake in the photoshoot, enjoy the atmosphere, and visit with the MomoCon community at this annual winter event. Typically held in early December in Atlanta, (and often again in Chattanooga or elsewhere in the Southeast region), this is a must-do-event for many MomoCon fans!


Generally, photoshoot rules will follow the same guidelines set forth in our Convention Policies , however occasionally, the venue or area for the photoshoot will have more specific rules. Please check the individual event page on Facebook for more details.

Etiquette for Cosplay Photographers
-Ask for permission.
-Respect the cosplayer and other Photographers.
-Remind the cosplayer that the photos might be made public.

Etiquette for Cosplayers
– Know when to say “NO”, don’t ever do anything that your uncomfortable with.
– Know your physical limitations, don’t strain yourself posing.
– Don’t attack, slander and/or quarrel with other cosplayers.


Some of the most memorable MomoCon photoshoots are Middle Georgia Massacre, Fall Photoshoot at Life University, Spring Photoshoot at Millennium Gate, Historic Rhodes Hall, various shoots in South Carolina, Chattanooga, Huntsville, Savannah, and 10+ years of MomoCon Cosplayers On Ice!

To see photos from past photoshoots, visit the MomoCon Flickr and look for the album for the specific event.


MomoCon is happy to present formal and semi-formal dance events, with previous partners including the Georgia Aquarium, Dragon Con, and various charity organizations!  We have hosted more than a dozen dance/formal ball events, typically once a year, over the past 10 years.



Most MomoCon dances have a dress code that is Semi-Formal (, generally meaning button-down shirt and tie or suit for men and long or short dress for women (or vice versa in the case of crossplay). Costumes ARE allowed, so long as they are semi-formal. Formal dress is also allowed at Semi-Formal events.

Acceptable alternatives include:
-Formal military wear (or costumes of formal military wear)
-Full kimono, properly worn
-Cocktail dresses

Should a lady dislike dresses and prefer men’s wear, they may refer to the gentlemen’s dress code for appropriate attire. Should a gentleman dislike menswear and prefer dresses, they may refer to the ladies’ dress code for appropriate attire. At no point is satire or comedic intent via inappropriate dress allowed.

Please refrain from wearing the following:
-T-Shirts, Jeans, and Shorts
-Tennis Shoes and Flip Flops
-Trench coats or other outerwear
-Wings, Jetpacks, or other large accessories

Weapons of any kind, real or prop, will not be permitted.

Occasionally, we will host a dance with a Formal dress code ( The details of the event will clearly list whether the dress code is Semi-Formal or Formal for every dance.


Previous dance themes include Pretty in Pink, Winter Wonderland, Soda Pop Dance, Crystal Ball at the Georgia Aquarium, Winter Formal, Twilight Masquerade, Cosmic Ball, Black & White Ball, and more! To see photos of past dances, visit the MomoCon Flickr and look for the album for the specific event.

Gaming Events

We at MomoCon on Tour host tournaments and analog game days throughout the year!  Stay tuned for information on upcoming game days.

MomoCon Game Days are open to all, almost always free to attend, and in conjunction with local stores and venues that are awesome for open play throughout the year, not just on a game day!



Over the past decade, MomoCon On Tour has consistently averaged 2-4 gaming events each year. Previous locations include Wastelands and Anime-zing Escape game shops, Giga-Bites and Cool Hands cafes, and other event spaces at Georgia Tech and the Riverside EpiCenter near Six Flags. While Tabletop Game Days are the most frequent type of gaming events, we have hosted video game tournaments, Esports events, and retro gaming events covering a variety of titles and genres.

  • Want to be a part of an upcoming game day?  Contact us at for info on running games, participating, or getting trained to teach games at MomoCon as part of our Tabletop Gaming volunteer staff!

Other Events

In addition to the standard events, we at MomoCon like to tantalize you with a plethora of assorted offerings and alternative events that you might not see anywhere else. MomoCon volunteer Photographers will be on hand for most of these events to take photos of participants attending and cosplaying at the event. Photos will be available online after the event at no charge, via the MomoCon Flickr.

We are always looking for new and innovative events, including (but not limited to) art contests, screenings, karaoke, swap meets, workshops, and much more!  Got a suggestion for a MomoCon on Tour event? Let us know!  We are always looking for the next opportunity to host events all throughout the Southeast!


Join us for a formal High Tea event in your best and brightest cosplay (or just formal-wear), with the incredible backdrop of Rhodes Hall, a one of a kind Atlanta venue, the “castle on Peachtree” with gorgeous indoor and outdoor decorated spaces for this full multi-course special menu meal, live music via pianist, and two hours worth of photo opportunities!

Date TBA

Rhodes Hall – 1516 Peachtree Street, NW, Atlanta, GA 30309

High tea with full service provided – 3pm – 6pm

The tea will consist of sweet and savory courses of small bites, as well as non-alcoholic drink service and mimosas and tropical mimosas for VIP attendees. Please come with an appetite but please do not expect to gorge a la buffet.

In addition to the standard tea service, courses, and photography options, VIP attendees will receive a special gift upon arrival, reserved seating with formal name cards, and access to the mimosa bar (for those over 21).

Photographers from MomoCon will be on hand for the entire event to take photos in the indoor and outdoor spaces, including the interior epic staircase and historic exterior castle architecture. Photos will be available online after the event at no charge, via the MomoCon Flickr.

Free parking is available behind Rhodes Hall at 1495 Spring Street.


This event is, “Semi-Formal” You must be dressed appropriately or you will be denied entry. Ticket refunds for inappropriately dressed attendees will be given.

Formal and Semi-Formal attire from all eras are welcome, as are costumes of a formal nature, including Lolita style dress. When choosing a cosplay, ask yourself, “Would my character wear this for a formal, semi-formal or special occasion?”

Please use your best judgement.

If you are unsure, don’t hesitate to send us a photo of your outfit to


The absolute minimum we require is a long sleeved button up shirt with tie, paired with slacks and proper dress shoes. Please tuck in your shirts. Tuxedos or suits are encouraged. If you wish, a waistcoat, vest with cravat, etc., is also acceptable. Military uniforms are of course welcome, real or fictional, as long as it is done respectfully.


The absolute minimum we require is a cocktail or semi-formal dress of knee length or longer, or equivalent pant suit. Cocktail dresses are perfectly acceptable as long as they meet the length requirement. Please refrain from risque dresses that leave little to the imagination. A floor length ball gown is encouraged.

Should a lady or non-binary individual dislike dresses and prefer men’s wear, they may refer to the gentlemen’s dress code for appropriate attire. Should a gentleman or non-binary individual dislike menswear and prefer dresses, they may refer to the ladies’ dress code for appropriate attire. At no point is satire or comedic intent via inappropriate dress allowed.

Please refrain from wearing the following:

T-Shirts, Jeans, and Shorts

Tennis Shoes and Flip Flops

Trench coats or other outerwear (if you require this for travel, please remove upon entry)

Wings, Jetpacks, or other large accessories (please remove upon entry, feel free to wear in the outside areas for photos)

Weapons of any kind, real or prop, will not be permitted.

No large masks, like ones used with mascot suits or latex halloween masks will be permitted indoors, but feel free to wear in outside areas for photos. Again, use your best judgement. If you are not sure, please send us a photo at

(top photo via Rhodes Hall)


Mid September in Duluth, GA
MomoCon is happy to partner with Japanfest, the Southeast’s largest Japanese cultural festival, to bring the Anime Village!  Featuring guests, speakers, vendors, and games, the Anime Village has a little something for all fans!  Join JapanFest for a great celebration of Japanese food, fashion, history, and culture!!

Admission to Japanfest is required for many of the stops and the Anime Village, more information:



With the resources and connections MomoCon has garnered through the years, we have hosted unique On Tour events including a formal afternoon tea at the Swan Coach House, Workshop events including Christmas Crafting or Bento Classes, Pokemon GO events in Douglasville and Lawrenceville, Cosplay Bowling at the Riverside EpiCenter near Six Flags, Geeks and Brews! or Adult Karaoke at Southern Sky Brewery, Movie Screenings for films such as How To Train Your Dragon 3 and more!

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