Below is a list of all of the vendors who purchased space MomoCon 2020. During this difficult time, we encourage you to patronize their businesses if you are able

Name Fandom Products for Sale Website
168 Dragon Trading Inc Anime Figures
2 Bros and a Bard Anime Handmade-Goods,Pins,Other
Aardvark Tees Other T-Shirts
Akibento, LLC Anime Plush,Figures,Manga,Other
Alienphant Other Handmade-Goods,Other Clothing,Pins
All Blue Anime Inc. Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Figures
Altruistic LLC Anime Handmade-Goods,Cosplay
Animax Anime Figures
Anime Crew LLC Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Prints,Figures,Collectibles,Cosplay
Anime Fix Anime Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Manga,DVDs / Blu-Ray,Other
Anime Gaming Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Figures,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Other
Anime Gift Anime Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Cosplay,Other Clothing
Anime Haus Anime Plush,Figures,Collectibles,Other
anime palace Anime Plush
Anime Pavilion Anime Manga
Anime Remix Anime Collectibles
Anime World Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Prints,Collectibles,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Other
Animezing Escape
Apari Anime T-Shirts,Other Clothing
Arise Bazaar Productions LLC Other T-Shirts,Plush,Handmade-Goods,Other Clothing,Other https://WWW.
Armory Quest Cosplay Other
Art by Charles Urbach Tabletop Games Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles,Other
Artistic Studio Creations Sci-FI Handmade-Goods,Collectibles,Other
Bead Geekz Anime Plush,Handmade-Goods
Best Anime Shop Anime Figures
BIBISAMA Anime T-Shirts,Other Clothing
Boomslank Anime T-Shirts,Posters,Prints,Other
Boundless Manga series Anime T-Shirts,Posters,Prints,Collectibles,Comics,Manga,Pins,Other
Bowen Dragon
Bunnies And Cream Other T-Shirts,Handmade-Goods,Pins,Other
Cantina Comics & Cafe Comics Comics,Other Cosplay Handmade-Goods
Casual Cosplay Cosplay T-Shirts,Other Clothing
Cave Geek Art Video Games Prints
Challenges Games and Comics Anime Figures
Chocolate Fusion (by CM Chocolatier) Other Handmade-Goods,Other
Clinkorz Video Games Handmade-Goods,Prints,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
Closet geek llc Anime Other
Comic Wreck Anime Posters,Prints,Collectibles,Comics,Manga,Other
Comics Plus of Macon Other Plush,Figures,Board Games,Card Games,Video Games,Collectibles,Comics,Manga
Conpacks Studios Presents Ruby Art Anime Prints,Other–art
Cordy’s Corner Anime T-Shirts,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
cosplaymoomoo Anime T-Shirts,Figures,Cosplay
Creators Guild Anime T-Shirts,Posters,Prints,Other Clothing,Pins
Crimson Chain Leatherworks Cosplay Handmade-Goods,Other Clothing Tabletop Games Handmade-Goods,Prints,Cosplay,Other
cybertron video games Video Games Figures,Video Games
Cyren Anime Anime Figures
Dark Moon Cards and Games Anime Plush,Figures,Card Games,Collectibles,Pins
Dbl Feature Tabletop Games T-Shirts,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
DG Studios Anime Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Collectibles
Discotek Media Anime T-Shirts,Figures,DVDs / Blu-Ray
Doug Hoppes Studio LLC Horror Prints,Card Games,Other
Eclipse Pop Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Figures,Collectibles,Other Clothing,Pins
Fanboy Glass
Fantastic Visions Design Cosplay Plush,Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Pins,Other
Fine Collectibles Displays & Protection Other Other
Foam Brain Games Tabletop Games Board Games,Card Games,Pins
Forged Foam Cosplay Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Other
Fuzzy Dragon Other Pins,Other
Galactic Toys Anime Plush,Figures,Collectibles
Geek Mountain Comics Plush,Prints,Card Games,Collectibles,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
Get Good Gaming Tabletop Games Plush,Posters,Figures,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles,Other
Ghostboy Co. / Forgotten Forest Non-Fandom Releated T-Shirts,Plush,Handmade-Goods,Other Clothing,Pins
Good Guys Bad Guys Anime Figures
Goodman Games Tabletop Games Other
Gryphon’s Moon Non-Fandom Releated Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
Guild Gaming Tabletop Games Card Games,Video Games,Collectibles
Haha Anime and Games Anime Anime, Plush, Games, Collectibles Anime Handmade-Goods
Hero Chiropractic Other Other
Hidden Palace Games Video Games Plush,Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Figures,Collectibles,Comics,Pins,Other
HighFiveAnimeLLC Anime Plush,Posters,Figures,Card Games,Collectibles,Pins,Other
Holy Cow Anime Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Figures,Board Games,Card Games,Video Games,Collectibles,Manga,Other Clothing,DVDs / Blu-Ray,Pins,Other
Hometown Comics& Games Anime Plush,Figures,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles,Manga,Cosplay,Other Clothing
house of anime Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Manga,Other Clothing,Other
Image Anime Anime Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Pins
in my parents basement Anime T-Shirts
Inimitable Studios LLC Non-Fandom Releated T-Shirts,Plush,Handmade-Goods,Manga,Other Clothing,DVDs / Blu-Ray,Other
IT Cosplay Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Collectibles,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
Itabag Palace Other Other Clothing,Other
J&V Anime Corp Anime Cosplay
Jellymomoshop Anime T-Shirts,Posters,Prints,Other Clothing
Jukebox Imports Anime Other
Justin Cook
Kabirkill LLC DBA Geeks United Anime T-Shirts,Prints,Card Games,Other Clothing
Kafaid Video Games Plush,Posters,Prints,Pins
Katy Lipscomb LLC Non-Fandom Releated Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Pins
KINWAMONSTER Non-Fandom Releated T-Shirts,Posters,Prints,Other Clothing,Pins
Kochira Kawaii Anime Figures
KopesKreations Video Games Plush,Handmade-Goods,Pins,Other
Kpoppin Usa Anime Other
Level Up Games & Comics Tabletop Games Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles
Lisa Sell LLC Other Handmade-Goods,Prints,Figures,Cosplay,Other   or › Lisa-Sell-Artist-421303461249009
Lot Topic Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles
LucidSky Anime Posters,Prints,Manga
Marcus Williams and Greg Burnham
Mario’s Comics Comics Comics
Megaroad Toys and Entertainment, LLC. Anime Plush,Collectibles,Other Clothing,Other
MioooArt Anime Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Other
Moco de Moco Anime Other Clothing,Other
Morph’s Props Video Games Handmade-Goods,Board Games,Video Games
Moshe N Me Anime Handmade-Goods
Mtstar Anime Cosplay,Other Clothing,Pins
Musetap Studios Anime Prints
Neon Culture Cosplay Handmade-Goods,Other
Nerd Square Non-Fandom Releated T-Shirts
New World Collectibles Comics T-Shirts,Plush,Prints,Figures,Collectibles,Other
Noms Designs Anime T-Shirts,Prints
ohmonah llc Anime T-Shirts
Origami Whale, LLC Tabletop Games Card Games
Otaku Oasis
Pandy Apparel Other T-Shirts,Other Clothing
Pawstar Cosplay Other Clothing
Personify 3D Cosplay Collectibles,Cosplay,Other
Phase Id Anime Plush
Pica Pica Atlanta, Inc Anime Plush,Figures,Collectibles,Cosplay
Posters and Comics Comics Posters
Pride Kitty – Like A Cat Other Plush,Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
PUILLUSTRATED Other Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Card Games,Other Clothing,Other
PulsArt Studio Anime Handmade-Goods,Posters,Prints,Card Games,Manga
Purple Plum Inc Anime Figures
QBE Designs Comics Handmade-Goods
Radiant Grey Video Games Prints,Pins
Rangerstop American Animation T-Shirts,Plush,Figures,Video Games,Collectibles
Resplendent Rogues Cosplay Other Clothing
Retro Rewind Pops Other T-Shirts,Plush,Figures,Collectibles
Retro Saikou Anime Video Games
Retrovidjos Video Games Video Games,Manga
Rocky Mountain Dragons LLC Cosplay Plush
Rumble and Roar Wandmakers Other T-Shirts,Plush,Handmade-Goods,Collectibles,Cosplay
S2HEART Anime T-Shirts,Other Clothing,Pins
Shazami’s $#!% Anime Plush,Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Comics,Manga,Pins,Other
Skullgarden Other Prints,Collectibles,Other
Sorbet Jungle LLC Other T-Shirts,Plush,Figures
Sorensen’s Precision Diceworks Tabletop Games Handmade-Goods,Figures,Other
Steve Minty Tabletop Games Handmade-Goods,Card Games,Collectibles,Pins
STL Ocarina Anime Other
StudioPenPen Video Games T-Shirts,Handmade-Goods,Prints,Pins,Other
Stuffed Sushi Other Plush,Handmade-Goods,Collectibles,Pins,Other
Super Gifts International LLC Anime Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Other Clothing,Other
Surreal Makeup LLC Cosplay Cosplay,Other
Tea & Absinthe Sci-FI Other
TeeTurtle American Animation T-Shirts,Plush,Card Games,Other Clothing,Pins
the geek realms Anime Posters,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles,Pins,Other
The Jay Company Anime Plush,Figures,Video Games
The Mana Pool Bazaar Anime Handmade-Goods,Other
The Pin Shoppe Anime T-Shirts,Plush,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
TheMysteryShack American Animation T-Shirts,Plush,Figures,Collectibles,Other Clothing,Pins,Other
Thompson Productions LLC Tabletop Games Figures,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles,Other
Tokyo Toybox LLC Anime Plush,Figures,Card Games,Collectibles,Pins,Other
Tortured Earth LLC Tabletop Games Plush,Handmade-Goods,Board Games,Other
TOYSBOT.COM Anime Posters,Figures,Collectibles,Other
toyslogic Anime Plush,Figures,Other
Trilogy Shop
Twisted Heroes Anime Plush,Figures,Comics,Manga,Pins,Other
UCF Video Games Video Games Video Games
Unification Anime Handmade-Goods,Pins
Uniglitter LLC Cosplay Handmade-Goods,Cosplay,Other
UUB,llc Other Handmade-Goods
Vonnart Non-Fandom Releated Prints,Pins,Other
WarezGamez Video Games Plush,Prints,Figures,Video Games,Collectibles
White Lightning Productions Anime T-Shirts,Manga,DVDs / Blu-Ray
White Tiger Collectables Other Handmade-Goods,Collectibles
Win & In Games Tabletop Games Plush,Board Games,Card Games,Collectibles
WolfHome Adventuring Outfitters Cosplay Handmade-Goods,Other Clothing
Wonderland Creations Anime Handmade-Goods,Cosplay
Yuki Pearl and Jade

Extra tables, electrical needs, and other special accommodations will be provided through an outside company, accepted vendors will be provided with the necessary information before the con.

If you have any specific questions, please feel free to Contact UsExample Contract


How many tables/spaces can I get?

As of the 2020 event, vendors are restricted to max of 8 booths.

What time is setup?

Wednesday, specific time TBA.  The convention begins Thursday at 2pm.

How are dealers spaces handled when requested?

When the form goes live, we will have pre-allocated categories, and dealers will be handled on a first-come, first-served basis within their categories (e.g. we have three spots for kimono dealers, the first three kimono dealers who inquire will get those spots).  The contract will be posted here at least one month prior to the registration date so that prospective dealers may read over the rules prior to registering.

Can I vend food/adult materials?

The Georgia World Congress Center officially does not condone the sale of food products in the hall, however MomoCon as an organization has no restrictions on sales of pre-packaged food items.  Please be aware if you bring pre-packaged food items you do so at your own risk, we will defer to any requests from the venue should they arise. Fresh-made or non-packaged foodstuffs are not permitted at any time. 18+ age restricted items, decorative contact lenses, and adult products are not permitted to be sold at MomoCon at any time.

Can I vend weapons?

No bladed weapons, wooden weapons are allowed.

Will there be side rooms for extra dealers?

No. All dealers will be located in one large room.

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