What, When and Where is MomoCon 2025?

MomoCon 2025 will take place over 4 days, May 22-25, 2025 at the Georgia World Congress Center, at 285 Andrew Young International Blvd NW Atlanta, GA 30303.  MomoCon is a multi-genre fan convention encompassing American and Japanese animation, gaming (video gaming, board and card gaming, Live Action role play gaming), comics and costuming, held every year in Spring. General operating hours are from 2pm Thursday to 5pm Sunday, with some events running later into the evening/all night (dances, music events, the game hall etc.).

Can Children Attend MomoCon?

MomoCon is for everyone, of all ages. Originally starting out in 2005 at Georgia Tech and catering to fans of Japanese Animation and Video Games, MomoCon’s attendance has since grown in size and breadth of interest. MomoCon now brings together fans at every age of animation of all types, both video and tabletop games, and comics.  Please see our separate Parents Guide.

Is MomoCon an Event Only for Children?

Not at all!  In addition to some great all-ages events, including concerts, panels, events, costumes, tournaments and much more, we have specific events targeted at smaller kids (workshops and panels for kids), as well as events for the older folks (a lounge with stronger language and late night panels and events, late night targeted programming, several EDM events).

Where Can I Stay for the Convention?

Please see the Hotels section of the website. Also, familiarize yourself with the Location section in relation to your hotel. Parking is available for pre-purchase as well, with an early bird rate before May 1st

Will There be Parking?

Yes, parking details are available on the Directions page.

We recommend booking convenient and affordable parking in advance through SpotHero or Park Mobile.  During the event, lots WILL be sold out and will have more expensive pricing.

The Georgia World Congress Center has several large, covered, and security-monitored parking decks with overnight options.  If you purchase the 24-hour option, you do not need to also purchase the daily option (it’s included).

How Can I Get to the Convention from the Airport?

Grab yourself a seat on a MARTA Northbound line (either line), switch to the East/West line at Five Points Station, get off the train at the Dome/GWCC/Phillips/CNN station and follow the signs to the Georgia World Congress Center.

Will There be a Map of Conventions Grounds and Information About Events Available?

Yes, maps and schedules will be available on the website shortly before the convention and at the convention in our handy-dandy program booklets. Some detailed information about specific events will be available in your registration packet in the form of handouts.  MomoCon also provides a smart phone app, you can download it by searching “MomoCon” on the iPhone or Android app marketplaces.  Note that the app will reflect the previous year’s schedule until about one month before the event.

Looking for a place to host meetups or photo shoots?  Check out the Photo Locations page.

Are There Places to Eat Around the Convention?

There are numerous restaurants in the vicinity of the hotel and convention center (moreso than in previous MomoCon locations). There are several table service and fast food options inside the hotel, GWCC, and attached buildings.  See the Area Guide for more information.

What are the Rules of MomoCon? What are the Prop Restrictions?

The Policies section of the website contains all convention policies; please take some time to read them over. Detailed policies are available on props, weapons, behavior, harassment, reporting, children, photography, dress, and many other topics.

I am Under 16 Years old/Do Not Have a Form of ID, Why do I Need a Guardian to Sign in With Me?

MomoCon is held in downtown Atlanta, the heart of a large metropolitan area, and we would not want anything to happen to any of our attendees. Minors are always welcome to attend the convention, but MomoCon is an entertainment event, not a babysitting service. We encourage parents to accompany their kids when at the convention, and suggest that families take some time while in Atlanta to see some of the attractions in the local area (Georgia Aquarium, CCN Center, Zoo Atlanta, etc.). We have no way to verify identity for registration if an attendee does not have a valid, identifiable form of ID, so we require that attendees without IDs have a friend (18 or older) or parent/guardian to sign in with them.

I Want to Request Specific Series or Merchandise from Dealers, can I do That?

We do not place restrictions on what our dealers bring, other than not allowing blades to be sold on premises, projectile weapons, and adult material to be sold. We take steps to ensure that many different categories of dealers are represented in our Dealers Room (such as kimono dealers, comics vendors, game companies, several of our guests, etc.), but we do not control WHICH types of items that Dealers choose to bring. Dealers, also, bring things that they know will be sold, and subject themselves to the economics of the convention, not necessarily variety. Dealers are not part of the same organization as MomoCon. Each Dealer has his/her own separate company. If you have complaints about any Dealers, please let us know, but know that we are not responsible for their actions.

I Have Disabilities/Small Children/Medical Conditions, How Can I Manage at MomoCon?

Check out the accommodations provided by the venue and information on what to do at MomoCon if you have disabilities, special needs, are pregnant, or have small children.

Can I Request a Refund on my MomoCon Membership?

MomoCon memberships are non-refundable, but you are able to use Eventeny to change the name and contact information on the membership, essentially allowing you to do a membership transfer.

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