2024 Esport Tournaments

Did you know MomoCon has hosted esport events since before ‘esports’ was even a term? In 2024 we will host huge prize pools, some of the best competitors in the world, and amazing partners which brings the number of tournaments we are running to over 40 different tournaments!

Below are just a few of the highlighted areas from 2025 in MomoCon Esports! Each tab expands with more information about each section, feel free to click for more info.

MomoCon Console Tournaments

MomoCon will host more console tournaments than ever before! Information coming soon here and on our Start.GG page for all Fighting Game Tournaments. Thanks to our partner the Retro World Series for hosting retro tournaments at MomoCon! Stay tuned for more info on our Couch Competitions and Handheld tournaments!

Info for 2025 coming soon!

MomoCon PC Freeplay

MomoCon will have both a 140 seat PC freeplay area. Great news, it is included with a MomoCon membership! Through the weekend we will have several PC tournaments!

Retro World Series - 10 Retro Game Tournaments

We are very excited to welcome out Retro World Series, who will be hosting 10 different retro tournaments during the 4 days of MomoCon. Registration is free! And you will even have a chance to be featured on their livestream of the event!

Info coming soon!

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