N3rdyTeacher is a teacher by day and a TTRPG enthusiast and advocate by night!  After falling in love with Dungeons & Dragons through binge-watching the show Critical Role in 2016, Tiffany began her own journey into the world of TTRPG. Unfortunately, it was not smooth sailing for her. She came across many gatekeepers trying to keep her, a new and female player, from the hobby. Eventually she settled into the role of Dungeon Master and welcomed all players to her table.

Now it is Tiffany’s personal goal to break through the doors of any gatekeepers with whatever skill checks are needed! Her TikTok account, N3rdyTeacher, has a range of videos that aim to entertain and educate. Through her social media she answers questions, helps others create their first characters, and tries to make sure everyone feels safe and wanted in the TTRPG community.

Her hobbies also include painting miniatures and designing TTRPG themes stickers, both of which she sells on her Etsy store. When not running D&D for her friends, local game shops, and school clubs, she’s busy at work adding more plot twists and homebrew creatures to her own D&D world.

Anyone want to play? Grab some dice or borrow from her hoard, because there’s always an empty chair ready at her table.

TikTok: N3rdyTeacher

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/OhCrit

Instagram: N3rdyTeacher

Twitter: TheN3rdyTeacher

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