Coda is a 3D Animator based in the United Kingdom, who produces fun and musical animated content/memes for his Youtube channel (1M+ Subs) as well as Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram! When he’s not creating his own content, he’s providing the visuals for the sick beats in the Nerdcore community! Recent hits include the fully animated music videos for CG5’s Security Breach Ruin song (Ruined Lullaby), JT Music’s Bendy and the Dark Revival Song (The Details in the Devil), JT Music’s Remaster of the hit Undertale song (To The Bone) and CG5’s Skibidi Toilet Song (THX)! You can also find his work across a variety of other channels, such as The Living Tombstone, Caleb Hyles, The Stupendium, Give Heart Records (NateWantsToBattle), Dawko, and more! Be sure to check out Coda’s stuff at

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