The Ink Tank LLC

The Ink Tank LLC is a Multi-Purpose Production Company designed to both create entertainment media and provide services for clients and businesses. They have a variety of content from videos, comics, animation, merchandise, and interactive livestreams. They are primarily hosted on their YouTube Channel of 447,000 Subscribers, along with their website, where you can also commission artwork and read their crossover comic series 5 Years Later.
Their team includes Rob “Kuro the Artist” Orpilla, Hurshie L. K. Williams, Ryan “O.R.Ash” Asher, Avery “Fro the Bro” Martinez, and Kellen Goff.
Stop by their booth where Kuro will draw your face right on the spot! Or perhaps you’d like a drawing of favorite fictional character, celebrity, or personal pet – just make sure to have a pic of them on your phone! They will also be giving away a signed limited-edition Horas plushie from their Mockumentary web-series And Beyond. Hope you see you there, and as always, Keep it Fizzy!
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