The NPC Collective


The NPC (“Nerdy People of Color”) Collective was founded in 2013, when indie “chip-hop”/Nerdcore emcee Mega Ran brought together various, upwardly mobile entertainers for the unified vision of bringing more representation to underrepresented/marginalized nerds. “Much like [a video game] NPC [non-player character],” Mega Ran explains, “people of color who desire to create music or art or think differently than their counterparts often are discouraged, and forced to keep those thoughts and ideas to themselves, and to play the background.”

Today, the NPC Collective includes rappers, producers, designers, educators, students, athletes, and even a WWE superstar amongst the ranks. Since the founding of the collective, NPCC members have generated acclaim nationally and internationally, main-staging major video game conventions such as PAX and MAGfest, touring Europe and Asia, releasing Billboard charting albums, and consistently encouraging more gamers and otaku from urban spaces to participate in Con culture.

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