The Casen Alesi Quartet

Step into the captivating world of jazz as MomoCon proudly presents an ensemble of prodigious talents, uniting for an extraordinary jazz spectacle! Indulge in the rhythmic wizardry of Casen Alesi, whose percussive artistry and innovative compositions transcend boundaries, promising an immersive musical journey like no other.  Embark on a rhythmic odyssey guided by Eisen Griffen’s spellbinding bass lines, which add depth, groove, and an irresistible heartbeat to every melodic arrangement. Be swept away by the emotive prowess of Douglas Mwangi, whose soulful vocals breathe life into each note, crafting an emotional narrative that resonates deeply and finally, enter a realm of enchantment as Brandon Lewis’s masterful piano melodies evoke nostalgia, stir emotions, and transport listeners to uncharted musical dimensions.

These musical maestros will enchant you with jazz renditions inspired by iconic themes of video games, TV shows, movies,  and anime. Immerse yourself in this captivating fusion of jazz and pop culture only at MomoCon!

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