Michael “Smirky” Mairs (He/Him) is a 5-Year Twitch Partner, a decade-plus-long LGBTQIA+ variety gaming streamer, and one of 10 new Twitch Ambassadors from North America in 2023. From his engaging Toontown videos and livestreams to his outgoing and positive attitude, Smirky has taken his love for online gaming as a whole to the next level. He has helped fundraise over $115,000 across various charities—such as St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Extra Life, The Trevor Project, and several other impactful causes. Smirky has spoken on multiple industry panels surrounding the rise of charity streaming and content creation, and he has traveled both across the country and internationally as a Jackbox Games Ambassador to host fun-filled gaming sessions for everyone to enjoy. At the core of his content, Smirky is always actively working hard to cultivate a safe and welcoming community, uplift marginalized voices and creatives, inspire others to be inspiring, and help showcase that Gaming Does Good!

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