Shwabadi is a British rapper focused on high energy and catchy hooks designed to get crowds moving. Shwabadi is known for his unique tone, aggressive vocals, bouncy beats, and clever wordplay – all presented through the scope of anime and pop culture – which has helped him garner over 150,000 subscribers on YouTube. Aside from his work in music, Shwabadi has achieved partnership on Twitch, amassing over 13,000 followers. He records reactions to music for his second channel with over 50,000 subscribers where he also posts his many popular video series, including the Packed Lunch Battle League, Lyrical Miracle, Shwab-Analysis, and more. Widely regarded as the heart of the community, Shwabadi’s role as one of the core members of the anime rap scene is undeniable.

Catch Shwabadi live at the Anime Rap Takeover concert Saturday night!

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