Shocker OH! NO!

Shocker OH! NO! began his career in the Tokusatsu industry in 1980. First starring in stage shows promoting the then popular Tokusatsu TV series of the day, to eventually becoming a suit actor and stunt man for the Super Sentai series, Goggle V.

Shocker spent his earlier years in the industry working with the legendary Shotaro Ishinomori, the creator of Kamen Rider, Cyborg 009 and so many other iconic Showa era characters. In fact, it was Ishinomori who gave Shocker his stage name! Having this incredible experience and tutelage only grounded Shocker more into the Tokusatsu industry.

This was the beginning of Shocker’s amazing career and life long journey into not only the world of Tokusatsu Television and film, but also the world of Japanese pop culture on almost every front!

He continued his career working in TV series like Goggle V, Bioman, Dynaman, Space Sheriff Gavan, Sharivan, Gokaiger and even some to the Super Sentai/Toku crossover films like Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai Super Hero Taisen and Kamen Rider vs Space Sherifs Super Hero Taisen!

He’s also made a career out of training future stunt actors, promoting various anime, Tokusatsu and music events, and even voice acting in anime films and series like Perfect Blue and Wedding Peach to voice dubbing Western series in Japan like Teen Titans.

In his later years he’s been the MC and promoter for the hugely successful series of pop-culture based concerts for Super Robot Spirits, Super Sentai Spirits, Super Hero Spirits and Super Anison Spirits!

If you’re a fan of Tokusatsu, J Pop and Anime and really want to know more about the core of Japanese Pop Culture, then don’t miss this opportunity to meet one of the people who’s worked it, helped shape it and still lives it on a daily basis!

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