RichaadEB (\ri-shaad-e-b\) is a metal guitarist who records, produces and composes various themed covers and originals. He most notably gained traction with his series of Undertale covers in 2015, the popularity of which led to the creation of the bandcamp-topping cover album “DETERMINATION” with collaborator Amie Waters. Rich’s half of the album featured metal renditions of Undertale Boss Themes, and is now available through the official UNDERTALE store hosted on Fangamer.

In 2017 he began exploring and covering music from Touhou Project. His most popular cover is an English Metal version of the song “Bad Apple” featuring Cristina “Vee” Valenzuela, which currently has 20+ million views on YouTube and 30+ million listens on Spotify. Rich has since released two Touhou Project metal cover albums, Bullet Hell and Bullet Hell 2.
Rich was featured in a 2021 collaboration with the mobile video game company behind Touhou LostWord, an official mobile RPG based on Team Shanghai Alice’s Touhou Project. Rich’s covers of two themes from the game (“Lost Word Chronicle” and “Night-Splitting Light” the latter featuring Caleb Hyles) are now featured on Touhou LostWord’s Official YouTube Channel, as well as downloadable tracks within the game itself.

Rich has been commissioned for music by several well known companies and influencers. He has contributed music to Call of Duty: Black Ops III and Call of Duty Black Ops IV in collaboration with composer Jack Wall. Rich has also worked with indie video game developer WayForward, composing the main theme of their 2D run-‘n’-gun action game Spidersaurs in collaboration with Cristina Vee and Jason C. Miller. Richaad is also featured on the OST for both River City Girls 0 and River City Girls 2 with composer Megan McDuffee.

 More recently, he has been commissioned for original themes and covers with well known VTubers such as Snuffy and Apricot (Froot).

As a guitarist he is best known for his intricate, precise and fast playing. Dragonforce guitarist Herman Li has described his playing as “eye-popping” and “dizzying”. Over the years he has collaborated with many well-known guitarists, vocalists, influencers and musicians, appearing on a multitude of albums as a guest musician worldwide; including Multi-Platinum Record Producer Howard Benson, singer-songwriter and frequent collaborator Jonathan Young, and Three Days Grace member Neil Sanderson.

The RichaadEB YouTube channel has over 325 million views and 630 thousand subscribers. The RichaadEB channel is known for its striking performance based music videos, filmed and edited by RichaadEB’s partner, Rachel E.B.

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