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It’s the Pizza Party Podcast starring RebelTaxi, Izzi, Daftpina and Nesska arriving at Momocon as a group for some panels and fun! They will be appearing on panels on Friday and Saturday of MomoCon.

RebelTaxi is a YouTube personality who specializes in curating video ramblings on the topics of animation, video games, and other varieties of media lost to the sands of time. Spanning from the early 2000’s to present day, hitch a ride in the RebelTaxi with Pan Pizza as your driver and guide through all things odd, quirky and forgotten. Complete with a Y2K aesthetic to boot! This year Pan is showing off a secret sneak peak for his upcoming cartoon “Loki IRL”, be sure to watch!

Izzi is an animator and artist known for her works on the Yo Mama and Animeme channel, however her recent dive into 8 Bit animations has rekindled a newfound joy in sprite animation. Izzi is a longtime member of the Pizza Party Podcast, and is always there to make sure Pan doesn’t stick a fork into electric outlets. (This has happened three times so far).

Daftpina is an interviewer and reviewer of animation people and oddities on the internet! A long time enjoyer of the arts, Daft has spoken with many artists to tell their story online. He is also the co-developer for the Loki IRL indie pilot and future potential series helping out with writing and story structure adapting it from the og webcomic.

Nesska is a PNGtuber on Twitch (Curious_Harpy) where she’s either playing a variety of games on stream or just chilling with chat! An occasion guest on the Pizza Party Podcast, always lurking menacingly. She’s a theme Park enthusiast, lover of Birds and fan of the Puppet artform though is sometimes better known as the sister of Pan Pizza. (She’s the one that encourages Pan to stick forks in electric outlets.)

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