Neverending Dreamz

Monty, better known to the cosplaying world as Neverending Dreamz, has been in the Cosplaying scene for a long time. From Banzaicon to Nekocon; from Soda City ComicCon to MomoCon, he has developed a knack for entering a venue and demanding the attention of its attendees. Being a veteran in the space, his skill has only increased and his accolades speak for themselves. Being a 16 time award winner at various cons, including: Best in show at Nekocon, Best In Show at Banzaicon, and Soda City (on three separate occasions); just to name a few. His Bakugo Cosplay as well as his Suneater Cosplay have also been published on His Lucio cosplay has been published in Kotaku. His talents have even reached the people at Riot Games and Blizzard, causing them to ask him to represent his work for them.
That dedication isn’t limited to cosplays, however. He also builds a number of replica memorabilia from various video games. He builds Keyblades, from the notable Kingdom Hearts franchise, which have been featured on the gaming website He also builds replica shoes from the Sonic franchise, which have been noticed and shared by the game’s creator, Yuji Naka.
It would be hard to find anyone more dedicated to the excellence of their craft than Dreamz. That is clear to anyone that sees his work, and If you are interested in seeing his work for yourself but unable to make it out to a convention, you can always check him out on his social networks: Neverending Dreamz on your social networking platform of choice. Go ahead and check him out and be awed by his excellence.
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