Neverending Dreamz

We’ve all been in the same position. We have all been watching tv or playing a video game and said to ourselves: “It would be cool to be that character.” For many of us, our dreams ended there. However, one man decided that his dreams would never end, and a journey began that would take him to heights that; not even he, himself, expected to reach. As he continues to dream, he continues to push his craft forward. Whether that be in the form of an LED display or in the form of a fully functional DJ booth; Dreamz will always find a new mountain to climb. Maybe his pursuit of mastery can push him to create a Suneater cosplay that is so revered that it is featured on How could he possibly top that? Flight? Who can say for sure? What you can be sure of, however, is that he will always stop the show. When he steps inside of a convention center all eyes are drawn to his latest masterpiece, as is evidenced by his large trophy case. He is a 12x award winner: including winning Judge’s Choice in Nekocon in 2017. He is, also, a 5x Best in Show winner; taking home the award from Soda City Comic Con in 2018, 2019, and 2021. He has also brought home the award from Banzaicon in 2022.
When he isn’t making breath-taking cosplays, he’s fashioning captivating Keyblades. What started as simply building replica keyblades, made famous from the video game Kingdom Hearts, has now blossomed into its own creative venture. From Pokemon to Sailor Moon; from Sonic to Mario; Dreamz will build a Keyblade that’ll leave your mind blown. While others may reach the top and decide that they’ve done enough, complacency is not something that you have to be concerned about regarding Dreamz. He is always searching for the next thing to take his artistry to the next level. He is always searching for new avenues that allow him to perfect his craft. He has begun to delve into the world of fashion, making a series of LED heels based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise. He has also taken a dive into accessories, turning his keyblade designs into keychains.
No matter what avenue he takes, the overarching theme is the same. He decided to make his dreams a reality, and in turn, use those dreams to achieve new dreams. Your dreams don’t have to end when you’re a kid. Your dreams only end when you give up on them. With the right combination of talent and effort, your Dreamz can be Neverending.
Photo by Dondolcephotography
Neverending Dreamsz will be appearing at MomoCon Thurs – Sun
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