Lollia (Rose) is an independent artist, singer-songwriter, content creator and streamer from the United States. She is best known for her many viral covers, original songs and features in Nerdcore and the Utattemita fandom. Collaborating for at least a decade, with many other notable artists and content creators. Recently, she was featured as a vocalist for the song “Monsters Ball” on the popular webshow “Helluva Boss*”, a show which won the 2023 Streamy Award. She is also recognized for her cover albums, “VOCALOVE 01” which was one of the first independently released VOCALOID cover albums sung in English, and “Personafied” a Persona 5 collaboration cover album with Sleeping Forest. She started her YouTube channel in 2010 where she has amassed over 370,000 subscribers and has more than half a million monthly listeners on Spotify. Her most popular streams include “My R” at over 26 million plays. She moved on in her affiliation with the YouTaite label in 2015 when she began collaborating with independent producers and artists. Her cover of Smoke and Mirrors, an original song by Jayn (LittleJayneyCakes) was one of many that solidified her potential as an independent creator on a broader stage. Lollia has not only cultivated a passion in music, but also in astrology, video games, cosplay and performing arts. Beginning as a singer and cover artist gave her leverage to earn stability and freedom as an independent artist. Her original song “Divine” expresses her personal journey of being a feminine, queer, mixed Filipino American artist. A song of pop metal spice which she independently produced and directed. Her goal is to transmute everything she touches into something uniquely hers to share with the world, expressing her emotion and inviting others to share this with her. A driving force of her artistic vision and lore, intertwining her own healing magic into her art.

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