Katie “Goblinkatie” Downey

Katie “Goblinkatie” Downey (Patron of the Pact of the Polyhedral) talks a lot. She’s a ginger shenanigator as well as a TTRPG & variety streamer/podcaster, dice goblin, and Take This ambassador. Katie’s best known for playing Saesha Valispard on Elder Eye Entertainment’s “D4” 5e D&D campaign or her role as Nicolette Veritas in “The Velvet Lodge”. She’s also streamed with Kobold Press; Nerdarchy; Rivals of Waterdeep; The Dawnbringers; and Mage: As Above, So Below among others. She’s known to podcast here and there as well: Zale on Stellar Arcanum, Gigi on The Loot & Dagger Sidequest, herself as a guest on Dragon Talk, and more. Conversational tip: Ask her about her dice.

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