Jonny Cruz

Voice Actor

Jonny’s passions led him to start his acting career in Dallas Texas, landing him some fun direct to DVD action movies (Walking Tall: Lone Justice, Missionary Man) and early TV appearances (Prison Break). He produced and directed his first feature film (Small Timers) and many online series before moving to LA. Since living in LA he has made his way into television (Matador, The Closer, NCIS: Los Angeles) and voice over (Overwatch, Hitman, Red Dead Redemption, Hero’s of the Storm, Prototype 2, Stinky and Dirty). Jonny is currently working a few new releases as well as his own creative projects.  Jonny will have a fee for autographs at MomoCon, Autograph on personal item 40, 8×10 poster 45, Large Poster 50, Selfie 25, Autograph on Funko Pop 50, Autograph on Lucio-Oh’s 50, Lucios 60, Voice lines 50

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