John Pence

John Pence is an indie comics creator who can’t sit still in any one genre. The Surgeon is a dusty, bloody postapocalyptic Western. The Ballad of Brighid of Atlanta deconstructed the superhero trope and rebuilt it around family, and The Jonesey and Dr. Long Adventures is a serial love song to mid-century Sunday newspaper adventure strips. Additionally, he’s to blame for the cowboys vs. mummies one-shot riot Hot Brass | Pharaoh’s Gold, and for Up from the Skies, the surreal story of friendship between an alien prince and the ice-age human hunter who saves his life. John edits the Elsewhere comics anthology for Unlikely Heroes Studios, and has ventured into tabletop gaming as editor of The Sundering campaign.

Outside of comics, he’s a tai chi practitioner, regularly bloodies his knuckles in historical fencing, and can usually hit what he’s aiming at with a bow and arrow. He makes a living as an industrial injury prevention specialist living in Athens GA.
John will be appearing at MomoCon Thurs-Sun
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