Jen Taylor

Jen Taylor is a stage, television, and voice actress best known as the voices of Cortana and Dr. Halsey in the Halo video game series and the new Paramount+ live action television series (as well as Microsoft’s operating system).  Jen has voiced Princess Peach and Toad in Mario Brother’s games, Zoey in Left 4 Dead, Lina, Medusa, Puck and Windranger in Dota 2, Atomic Wonder Woman in Infinite Crisis and a myriad of other characters in many other games.  She also voices Salem in the animated series, RWBY.  Jen voices radio, tv commercials, audiobooks and appeared in Penny Arcade’s online web series, AUTOMATA, and Netflix’s EVERYTHING SUCKS.

$60 for autographs / $40 for selfie at her table / Combo $80

Jen will be appearing at MomoCon Fri-Sun.

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