Jacob “Duval” Plicque

Jacob (he/him) is a mega extrovert that Co-Founded the Empatheatre, a Twitch Channel where he plays video games and TTRPGs with his friends while keeping Empathy and Diversity at the Forefront. He’s the Dungeon Master for Duval and Dragons a 5e Homebrew Campaign on the SoMattyGamez Twitch channel, plays Hideyaki on Outcast and Outclassed, a Pathfinder 2e AP on WaffleMaplesSyrup’s Channel, Morro Hodrient in Arkenholdt University, The Empatheatre’s Homebrew Magical School DND campaign as well as Kotatar on Misfits of Alseta  a Homebrew 5e DND Campaign on That’s How we Roll’s Channel… He’s also killed Tiamat twice, no big deal. You’ll find him yelling about something positive on Twitter and Instagram.

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