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Professional Moldmaker and Sculptor Julia Emerald owns J Emerald Studios in Atlanta and specializes in high quality props and fx makeup appliances. With degrees in Sculpture and Ceramics she has a love for sharing knowledge with other artists. Starting out in Biology she took her first official art class at 22 and knew that was where she belonged. Years later, she has been teaching Moldmaking and Fx Makeup workshops since 2008 around Atlanta and was a resident instructor for Reynolds Advanced Materials (Formerly Engineer Guy). Partly due to her late start as an artist she is passionate about teaching and helping others find the joy of creating so shares regular tips and tricks in her social media. Her studio in Decatur works with film, video game companies, and private collectors to provide the most realistic high end cast resin/silicone props available. She also provides Lifecasting and Moldmaking services for other studios locally in addition to sculpture reproduction, film work, prototyping, and specialty part molds for local companies.

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Julia will be appearing at MomoCon Thurs – Sun

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