Hiroaki Yura

Hiroaki Yura is a multifaceted entrepreneur renowned as a producer, sound director, and violinist. He founded the 3DCG production studio SAFEHOUSE in Tokyo and drives the creative force behind Australia’s esteemed Eminence Symphony Orchestra. His prolific career in the gaming industry has seen him taking on key roles as sound and recording director for celebrated titles such as Diablo III, SOULCALIBUR V, and I Am Setsuna.

In 2019, Hiroaki established SAFEHOUSE, a forward-thinking 3DCG production studio. Rallying an exceptional team of artists under his leadership, he collaborates with industry pioneers like Erasmus Brosdau, a respected CG art director, and Takuya Suzuki, formerly of Blizzard Entertainment Cinematics and highly acclaimed in his craft. This dynamic team is set to revolutionize CG video production with the use of real-time rendering technology and have contributed significantly to the CG production and technical development for a wide range of popular video game and anime IPs such as Final Fantasy, Gran Turismo, Dragon Ball, and Kimetsu no Yaiba.

Hiroaki will be speaking on The sights and sounds of GUNDAM: Requiem for Vengeance, 5:30p Sunday.

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