Geoff Ramsey

Voice Actor Online Broadcaster

Geoff Ramsey, one of the original members of Rooster Teeth, is also the founder of Achievement Hunter and Let’s Play. He voices the popular character “Grif” in Red vs. Blue, in addition to appearing numerous other Rooster Teeth productions, he has voiced characters in Red Dead Redemption, multiple games in the Halo franchise, and has appeared in shows alongside Will Arnett, Bill Nye, Kumail Nanjiani, and world famous athletes such as Anthony Davis, Rob Gronkowski, and Thierry Henry. Prior to his time at Rooster Teeth, Geoff was in the US Army from 1993 to 1998, and was the road manager for a host of New Jersey punk bands and worked briefly for View Askew Productions.

Geoff will have a fee for autographs, $30 for autographs, $20 for selfies, $40 for the combo of both

Geoff is appearing Thurs-Sun of MomoCon.

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