EyeQ is an Orlando, FL based emcee, entrepreneur, event coordinator, content curator, and inspirational force of nature who consistenly enraptures audiences around the US and internationally with his passionate live performances and powerful lyrics. Merging his wide assortment of musical influences and loves into one powerhouse performance, EyeQ has developed his own national reputation as an esteemed hip-hop artist, winning awards and dominating main stages and after parties for some of the most important pop culture conventions in the United States.

EyeQ co-curates the official soundtrack for CEO Gaming one of the more prolific fighting game conventions in the US, and has actively worked to coordinate events for numerous conventions and organizations around the US, most notably the Library of Congress. He is the founder of Bytes An Beats and a co-founding member of the Nerdy People of Color Collective, where he works with indie rap gaming hip hop pioneer Mega Ran and WWE superstar Xavier Woods, as well as numerous other talented influencers, to advocate and create spaces for marginalized groups in nerd and geek spaces around the country.

EyeQ will be performing Saturday night.

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