Father. Cosplayer. Geek. Advocate. And all around decent human being. DomiNYcanKnyght has been cosplaying for almost 10 years, but has been a life long comics and pop culture geek. Originally from New York, he spent his formative years in the Dominican Republic. Currently based in Atlanta, he has brought to life many iconic comic book, cartoon and movie characters such as Green Lantern, Black Panther, Frozone, Luke Cage, Batman, Cobra Bubbles, and Hancock.

A frequent guest and contributor on various podcasts as well as a presenter and panelist at DragonCon, New York Comic-Con, Anime Weekend Atlanta, Momocon, Atlanta Comic-Con and DreamHack.

A self proclaimed “cosplay scrapper”, he’s been an active volunteer with a local cosplay centric volunteer groups as well as advocate for representation and inclusion of bipoc in cosplay and a voice for tolerance across his community.

You can find @dominycanknyght on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Hive Social, YouTube, and Twitch.

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