Connor Quest!

Connor Quest is a British anime rapper and musician, having graduated with a degree in music in 2019. Boasting 7 years of experience, Connor gained over 60,000 subscribers on YouTube with videos of anime and video game rap, including his Jinchuriki Rap Cypher with over 2 million views. Connor is widely regarded as one of the best lyricists in the anime rap scene with his clever punchlines, complex flows, and wicked fast schemes. He has also recently discovered a great skill in singing, with his stirring melodies and harmonies of his hooks being coveted features in several popular songs of both his peers and his own. In 2021 Connor Quest banded together with Rustage and Shwabadi to form a group known as the UK Trio, and the group went on tour with Shao Dow in 2021, selling out venues in London, Birmingham, and other large British cities, wherein Connor cemented himself as an incredibly skilled performer on top of his already numerous talents.

Catch Connor Quest! live at the Anime Rap Takeover concert Saturday night!

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