Chi-chi is living proof that big things come in small packages. Born in rockville maryland, she began her internet-musician journey in high school after moving to portland oregon. Chi-chi has been around the internet music block for almost a decade, working with a number of artists such as DA Games, CG5, Stupendium and more! Everything from anime, vocaloid, and cartoons, if it’s nerdy, she’s sung about it!

But she’s more than just a vocalist. She’s a lyricist, a voice actress, a digital artist, and—most recently— a music producer. She’s got big plans for her music, including more originals and covers with even bigger productions, it’s gonna be a wild ride that you don’t wanna miss!

Some songs of her’s you may recognize include: Alice’s Tango, Sonic Mania – Friends (lyric adaptation), and Doki Doki Forever.

Catch Chi-chi at Are You Smarter Than an Anime Rapper? on Friday at 8:30p

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