Catieosaurus and HeyGude

Catie and Erik’s Infinite Quest: An ADHD Adventure is a top-20 mental health (and Dungeons and Dragons) podcast. Join hosts Cate Osborn (Catieosaurus) and Erik Gude (HeyGude) as they explore and discuss life with ADHD and depression and navigating life as neurodivergent adults.

Catieosaurus and HeyGude rose to prominence as ADHD/Mental Health advocates on TikTok, and have expanded their reach to Twitch partners, youtubers and podcasters, and have created a community of nearly two million followers. Their DnD characters, Helvetica the tiefling cleric and Blumken the half-orc barbarian, have guest starred in a number of popular live-play DnD campaigns and given them the opportunity to become full-time content creators and professional DnD players. Besides DnD, they play Minecraft- their QuestCraft project, an all-neurodivergent Minecraft server geared towards inclusivity and accessibility, recently launched and has allowed them to open the conversation even further in the digital sphere.

Most recently, Catie and Erik have appeared at Dragoncon, GenCon, Emerald City Comic Con, PAX Unplugged (and more) as neurodivergent gamers and inclusivity advocates for the gaming community. They believe that there is room at the gaming table for everyone, regardless of neurotype.

Their work has been seen in Cosmopolitan Magazine, The New York Times, Haaretz, GQ, VICE, Mashable, Bustle and more. They’ve been seen on the American Sex Podcast with Sunny Megatron, The Mental Illness Happy Hour with Paul Gilmartin, Prodigy, The Doctors, Carte Blanche, and a whole bunch more.

Their first book on ADHD is scheduled for publication in fall of 2022.

Catieosaurus and HeyGude are appearing all 4 days of MomoCon.

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