Cam Steady

Cam Steady is a Los Angeles rapper who fuses the characters and themes of pop culture with new age hip hop. His infectiously aggressive delivery and production style perfectly embodies a chaotic final boss battle.

Steady became an overnight success back in 2012 with the creation of the series “VideoGameRapBattles,” pitting pop culture icons against each other in lyrical warfare. 8 years and 200,000,000 streams later, Cam Steady has carved out his own unique lane in the music industry blending hardcore rap and metal with video games and anime. Steady’s influence reaches well beyond the digital music space, performing live at events across the country and producing music for major properties such as Genshin Impact. Whether you’re a traditional hip-hop head, a die hard metal fan, or just a casual anime enjoyer, Steady’s energy will rip you right out of your seat.

Catch Cam Steady at Are You Smarter Than an Anime Rapper? on Friday at 8:30p

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