Brian Colin

Brian Colin is a sculptor, graphic designer, and TTRPG developer residing outside of Atlanta, GA. He is best known as the co-creator and creative lead of Vast Grimm; a rules-light, sci-fi horror RPG set in a dying universe. Brian got his start in the tabletop industry when he was juried into the Gen Con art show in 2016. Seeing how many people shared a love of roleplaying games at that show spurred him on to fuse his passions for playing make-believe and creating art. Since then, he has created numerous product lines under his company Creature Curation including World of Revilo, RPG Squeeze, RPG Pins & Patches, Cardography, and Over the Troll Bridge. In January 2021, he joined the team at Infinite Black and is now the Vice President of Tabletop RPG Development. While at Infinite Black, he launched Vast Grimm, the first full, self-contained RPG based on the wildly popular Mörk Borg system.

Brian’s creations can be found in gaming stores around the world.
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