Aquarius Taught Me

Keenen Orlando Baker aka Aquarius Taught Me is a Georgia-based cosplayer. As a longtime fan of comics, video games, anime, film, and various other aspects of “nerdy” entertainment, he has been attending cons and cosplaying for a decade, and has completed over two dozen cosplays, commissions and personal wear, in that time. As a young professional with extensive knowledge of the Cosplay building process, foam smithing and 3D Printing, he has obtained a diverse skill set in visual effects, detailing, prop building and armor designing.

In addition to cosplaying, Keenen also enjoys 3D printing, working on short films, gaming and spending time with family.  Keenen currently runs the “Aquarius Taught Me Cosplay” facebook page to showcase his various works of art, and often aids other cosplayers and guides them in perfecting their craft. He has become known for being insightful, fun, creative and a beacon of hope and enthusiasm in the Cosplay community to so many upcoming cosplayers who might be new or interested in the hobby, yet too nervous about joining. In the future, Keenen hopes to continue making even more intricate cosplays, and to break even more into the panel scene at various conventions covering topics regarding 3D printing, different BIPOC cosplay topics and armor detailing.

Keenen’s various creations and designs have been featured in various articles, events and Youtube channels such as, Eleague (Turner Broadcasting), Punk Black, Cosplay Culture magazine, Art of Cosplay magazine, Afropunk, Cosplay Realm magazine, The Pre-gamers youtube channel, the Legend of Micah youtube channel, Voyage ATL magazine etc. Keenen was also a championship winner of the DC Comics “Dc Fan-dome” international cosplay competition in 2020, “Best Presentation” winner at Dragoncon’s “Page 2 Stage” international cosplay competition and a featured cosplay guest at Momocon in 2023.

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