AllieCat Cosplay

Allison of AllieCat Cosplay is a cosplayer and designer who started her journey in 2010, creating over 80 Cosplay Costumes, and earning Best in Show awards in several competitions for craftsmanship. She is best known for her wig styling, armor builds, passion for makeup, love for fashion design and adorning animal ears whenever possible. AllieCat uses cosplay to promote general positivity for the cosplay community solidifying the fun that can be found all over in this hobby. She has used this passion to meld the world of Cosplay and Television entertainment together to create a few pieces on the big screen alongside other talented artists in the Industry with projects from Marvel, Capcom, WWE and other collaborations under her belt. She believes that everyone can create cosplay and wants to share her ideals, knowlege and motivation with everyone in the community.

Photo by @rossonphotography

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