Cosplay at MomoCon!

Over 70% of people at MomoCon are in some form of cosplay, bring your best costumes and you won’t be alone!  We’ve got over 15 guests who are incredible professional makers, crafters, garment makers, several of whom are active members of the film community making props and costumes for major movies from Marvel, DC, AMC, HBO, Netflix and so much more!

Costuming is more than just a contest at MomoCon: we’re happy to have a Cospitality Repair Lounge all four days of the convention, host expert instructional panels and hands-on workshops, and feature our costuming guests in a Cosplay Exhibitor area. Take your cosplay to the next level, buy new or second-hand costumes and props, and discover new techniques and ideas!

Not to say that we don’t have contests!  Did you put together your costume from your closet, but you really embody the character and want to show your stuff?  Check out the Friday Cosplay Showcase!  Did you spend hours crafting lace trim and the coolest giant gun?  Participate in the Craftsmanship Costume Contest, featuring $5000 in cash prizes and an incredible grand prize!

Our new venue, the Building B section of the huge Georgia World Congress Center, features absolutely amazing unique features, including two huge greenery spots with large area lights and tons of natural lighting, multi-story floor to ceiling windows letting in amazing natural light, a three story glass panel fountain (inside to avoid the heat of summer!), and an outdoor courtyard koi pond, available during daytime hours at no cost for photos and photo groups!

Costume Contests

We’re happy to feature two amazing costume contests at MomoCon!  Compete to win fabulous prizes and be the envy of all on the catwalk!

Friday Cosplay Showcase

Held each MomoCon on Friday night, the Cosplay Showcase (formerly the Closet Costume Contest) involves getting into the spirit of cosplay and really becoming the character on stage!  Contestants are judged on screen accuracy and/or their spirit of cosplay, including poise, presentation, and enthusiasm!  This contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or less of their costume by hand.

Craftsmanship Cosplay Contest

One of the largest MomoCon events each year, the Craftsmanship Costume Contest brings out competitors on Saturday night to display some top tier cloth craftsmanship and prop making!  Participants are judged on craftsmanship primarily, and as such this contest is intended for attendees who have made 60% or more of their costume by hand.

This year featuring $5000 in cash prizes and the grand prize: hotel and memberships to our sister convention, Dragon Con!

Sign up for all contests and find more details

Cospitality/Repair Room

Have a repair to make at MomoCon? Check out the Cospitality area provided by Cosplay Collective! Open all four days!

Cosplay Collective is conceived and led by Dee Volpe and Nancy Arch, both accomplished costumers. They are local to Nashville (and surrounding areas) while traveling to participate and offer repair services to conventions. They make appearances at local hospitals, senior assisted living places, Dreams and Wishes of TN events, and other local events. And do it all free of charge! They have built a community by having events specifically for cosplayers, such as, maker meet-ups, classes, photo jams, and community out reach events to recruit new cosplayers to the hobby and cause. They are the original creators of The Cospitality Suite, providing an area for cosplayers to relax, rejuvenate, and repair at conventions.

Photoshoots and Gatherings in our new beautiful venue!

The Georgia World Congress Center is an exciting venue and opportunity to expand MomoCon into a fantastic forever home!  It boasts over 5600 parking spots, three enormous buildings that comprise the 3rd largest convention center in the US, and a host of nearby hotels as well as Centennial Olympic Park across the street!  We’re thrilled to move to the larger Building B for the 2020 event, featuring many new indoor (and temperature controlled) spaces for unique photoshoots and gatherings!  Building B is an enormous space and ready for all the amazing cosplay!

Photo Shoot Opportunities

Hall B has several great photo locations including two spots near a huge three story fountain, two plant features, and one outdoor pond area (including live koi and water features!) for smaller groups.

We have other locations with sculptures and decorations near the registration entrance, and groups can utilize Centennial Park and it’s many features just across the street!

Sign up for Fan-Organized shoots, see more shots of the locations, or see which gatherings are already set for the convention at the Photo Locations page!

Cosplay Sets

Due to overwhelming demand for indoor photo areas and the great success our friends at the 501st had with their great set pieces at MomoCon 2017, we were happy to bring the expansion of Cosplay Sets for MomoCon 2018!  The sets will continue in 2020 with many upgrades and updates and some new sets!

In addition to some great setups from the 501st raising money for some excellent charities and their Make a Wish endowment fund and Big Brothers, Big Sisters, MomoCon is happy to provide some additional options for photos, including a Moon Palace set with distant castle and pillars (akin to Sailor Moon) and a retro-style Fighting Stage (akin to 16 bit fighting game backgrounds)!  Our new 2020 set will be unveiled in the coming weeks!

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