MAY 23rd - 26th 2019 Atlanta, GA


Tabletop & Card Games


Once again, the MomoCon Board Gaming group is here to provide you with hours of table-filling, dice-rolling, card-slamming enjoyment! We welcome you to come by and rest your feet while taking in a variety of games from our well-stocked and curated library.  Our library features many popular titles, including Settlers of Catan, Cosmic Encounters, 7 Wonders, Splendor, Ticket to Ride, Agricola, Love Letter, Coup, Carcassonne, Power Grid, King of Tokyo, Small World, Ascension, Dominion, Suburbia, and many more titles new and old.  We have teachers at the ready to instruct you and your friends on new games and new experiences!

Play to Win!

In addition to great library of both new and old games, we have our very own Play to Win section! Board Games donated to this section are available to be play and won at the convention. It’s a simple enough process:

1.  Play the game!
2.  We record your name AND everyone else who played with you!
3.  On the last day of the con, we hold a raffle where everyone who played that particular game has a chance to win the game and take it home with them!

It’s that simple to win a game in our Play to Win section. You don’t have to win. You don’t have to pay money. You just have to PLAY!

We want to thank the companies who have so far donated games to our Play to Win Section:
  • Companies represented by Double Exposure Envoy Program!
  • Slugfest Games!
  • Stonemaier Games!


We are happy to host a plethora of Card Game events at MomoCon, including such games at Magic the Gathering, Cardfight! Vanguard, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokemon! 

We are happy to welcome Cascade Games as a CCG partner for MomoCon 2019!  Questions about games and information regarding Cascade?  Contact Cascade!

More details about specific card events, including drafts, tournaments, etc below for Star Wars Destiny, Magic the Gathering, Pokemon, Ascension, Lightseekers, L5R Kotei, and YuGiOh!





We’ll be running some great D&D, Pathfinder, L5R and more RPG systems, weekend long games, and short sessions at MomoCon!

Dungeons & Dragons is the world’s most popular role-playing game. D&D is about storytelling in worlds of sword and sorcery. D&D gives structure to the stories, a way of determining the consequences of the adventurers’ action. Players roll dice to resolve whether their attacks hit or miss or whether their adventurers can scale a cliff, roll away from the strike of a magical lightning bolt, or pull off some other dangerous task. Anything is possible, but the dice make some outcomes more probable than others. In D&D, each player creates an adventurer (also called a character) and teams up with other adventurers (played by friends). Working together, the group might explore a dark dungeon, a ruined city, a haunted castle, a lost temple deep in a jungle, or a lava-filled cavern beneath a mysterious mountain. The adventurers can solve puzzles, talk with other characters, battle fantastic monsters, and discover fabulous magic items and other treasure.

MomoCon is proud to offer Adventurers League, the D&D 5th edition organized play campaign. www.dndadventurersleague.org

Games for players from Level 1 through Level 20 are available to play and no experience is required to start! Bring your imagination and get ready to make new friends at the table!

Dungeons & Dragons

Information about 2019 coming soon!

Pathfinder / Starfinder

Information about 2019 coming soon!

Unorganized gameplay

Outside of Organized game play, like Adventure League and Pathfinder Society, we have Unorganized gameplay. This is provided by volunteer GMs that run anywhere from mainstream games with modules, to self made adventures with Indie RPGs. Offering a wide spectrum of gaming experiences with systems you might not have played and wish to check out.

Game signups

Want to DM for D&D Adventurers League, Pathfinder and more at MomoCon? Join us! Run games for more hours and get full volunteer benefits, including a free weekend membership, t-shirt, swag, food, and more!

The RPG sessions have moved to the Omni Grand Ballroom in 2019 for a wealth of more space to accommodate the huge number of players who want to participate! We will be running starter and demo sessions throughout the weekend and through the late nights, and more developed sessions for seasoned players as well.

Contact us at info@momocon.com, we have many opportunities!




Technically not played on a table, but no less important, MomoCon is happy to welcome back several LARP events during the evenings!  We offer LARPs for all ages, some kid-specific, some restricted to only older audiences.

Beast Knights
Beast Knights is a Live Action Role Playing (LARP) parlor/theater game for children (6 yr and up) to young adults conceived and designed by father and son team Michael Brian Walton and Jonathan Brian Walton. Michael Brian Walton began roleplaying at the age of 10, creating most of his own games with his family and LARPing at the age of 19 in Warner Robins, GA. For 15 years, he has started and ran local LARP troupes in Macon.

You are a Beast Knight to hunt and capture magical beasts to be trained for entertainment and war. For thousands of years man has lived in a feudalistic system of government in which kings rule over their land with the control of magic beasts. War raged between the kingdoms leaving scattered ruins around the land. Now only three kingdoms remain. They keep the peace by holding tournaments to decide who reigns for the next ten years. Will you be the next ruler of the world?

Dystopia Rising
Dystopia Rising is a role-playing game that takes place in a post apocalyptic world, long after the fall of civilization to a worldwide zombie plague. This world, many generations after the Fall, takes place in a new dark age where the remains of lost cultures linger in a world without direction. No global governments survived, no armed police to serve and protect, no organized educational systems, and no guidance to pull the world out of the spiral it has fallen into. The world is a dark, dangerous place where humanity is as much of a threat to existence as the undead horde is.
Dystopia Rising is a game that is not centered on the undead. It is a game that is centered on what becomes of the human condition when forced into an environment where survival could very well be your only concern. Do you decide to become a ruthless warlord, an amoral sociopath, or a monster much uglier inside than any zombie is on the outside? Perhaps you take the high road as a nameless wanderer, find higher purpose in faith, or do everything you can to force civility into a chaotic world. No one can tell you what you will do other than your own conscience. The world died many generations ago, and it is your turn to build the new world from the ashes.
Our featured LARP this year at Momocon, DR is hosting five modules in a series: One Wild Ride – A Module series brought to you by Dystopia Rising! Join the caravans as they travel from Gatorland, the settlement in what used to be known as Florida as it travels north through the Pain Handle and into Georgiabama, and the settlement of 40 Watt, nearby what was known before the fall as Atlanta! Join members of the Dystopia Rising Georgia and Florida as you get a taste of the post-apocalyptic roads, the zombie hordes, and the desperate struggle to survive!
For more information, visit the table, the website or several Panels hosted by the DR LARP.

Forest of Doors
This is the Forest of Doors, the nexus of worlds. Welcome wanderer to a place of infinite secrets. All that you know – all the knowledge of your home land – is but a small thing compared to the possibilities that lie before you. Here, you may forge a new destiny for your benighted land, find untold riches, or uncover arcane mysteries that have been forgotten. Ah, but there is a danger here too traveler, the forest is no place for the weak…and secrets have claws. The door has opened. Do you step through?
A high fantasy boffer LARP, Forest of Doors has eight different realms to choose from offering a wide variety of character types to play. Visit the website or table for more information on game times and locations.

Mind’s Eye Society
Mind’s Eye Society is a non-profit organization that is part of the Camarilla network of authorized fan clubs. MES has been hosting Live Action Role Playing (LARP) parlor/theater games set in White Wolf’s World of Darkness settings, both in the classic settings like Vampire: The Masquerade and Werewolf: The Apocalypse and in the New World of Darkness, such as Changeling: The Lost and Mage: The Ascension with interactions with other players around the world. Visit the official website for additional information of games. Please visit the Mind’s Eye Society LARP table for more information.

Two Rooms and a Boom
Two Rooms and a Boom is a social deduction, hidden roles game. There are two teams, the Red and the Blue Team (up to 16 people per game). The Blue Team has ‘The President’ and the Red team has ‘The Bomber’. Players are equally distributed to two sides of the room and receive a random player card. Each side of the room chooses a leader and the rest of the players are labeled ‘hostages’. The ‘hostages’ are players that can be sent to the other side at the end of the round. The game consists of three timed rounds. Each round is shorter than the previous round. At the end of each round, the ‘hostages’ selected by the leaders will be traded to the opposite side. If the Red Team’s ‘Bomber’ is on the same side as the Blue Team’s ‘President’ at the end of the game, then the Red Team wins. Otherwise, the Blue Team wins. Look on the schedule for times and locations for the nearest Two Rooms and a Boom near you!

Ultimate Werewolf
In Ultimate Werewolf, each player has an agenda: as a villager you must hunt down the werewolves and vampires; as a werewolf or vampire you must convince the other villagers that you are innocent, while secretly attacking those same villagers each night. Dozens of special roles are available to assist both the villagers and the werewolves/vampires achieve their goals. Designed for age groups 9+. Look on the schedule for times and locations for the nearest village!