Sarah Spaceman

Sarah Spaceman is an award-winning cosplayer, sewist, and YouTuber. Sarah aims to teach folks to sew by combining authentic documentation of the creation of her projects, with detailed infographics to help educate viewers of all skill levels. She believes sewing is an essential everyday resource and an empowering tool for cosplayers.

She most recently became 2023’s Nordic Cosplay Championship Team USA for her 15th anniversary Miku X Strawberry Cosplay. The entire cosplay was documented via several YouTube videos, a series that in total has garnered over a million views, and has been used by other cosplayers to create their own award-winning cosplays. Sarah is also the founder of The Space Craft, a discord server dedicated to cosplay education driven by community interaction. Her goal is to teach, by learning through cosplay, as the best way to learn is to teach.

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