Kris “Phade” McCormic is the creator of, one of the earliest and most influential websites for fans of anime music videos (AMVs), which are fan-made videos that sync anime footage with a musical track to create a new, transformative work. The site quickly became a hub for AMV creators and enthusiasts, providing a platform for sharing videos, tutorials, and resources, as well as hosting contests and discussion forums for more than 20 years. AMVs have become a unique form of fan expression and have a dedicated following among anime enthusiasts.

Phade’s creation of was driven by his passion for both anime and music. The website was designed to serve as a central repository where creators could share their AMVs, discuss techniques, and engage with fellow enthusiasts. It quickly grew into a vibrant community, playing a pivotal role in popularizing and legitimizing AMVs as a form of fan art. The site features a vast collection of AMVs, forums for discussion, and resources for aspiring AMV creators.

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